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At Azul Plastic Surgery, we have found that many patients considering Plastic Surgery have actually thought about having a particular procedure for months and even years. There is something about their appearance that they would like to improve and it has taken them a lot of courage to seek out the options that may exist for them. For many, once they have Plastic Surgery, the physical change in appearance results in a new-found confidence which serves to boost an individual’s overall quality of life.

Meet Azul Jaffer, MD

Dr. Azul Jaffer has always had a keen interest in art and science. He double majored in Biology and Fine Arts at Union College in upstate NY. After graduating and winning several outstanding awards he decided to pursue medicine because of his strong desire to help people.

He excelled in his studies, conducted research, published papers, and taught courses for many years and obtained his Medical Degree and specialized in Surgery at the University of Massachusetts in Pittsfield, MA. Also during this time, he won an award from the Governor of Massachusetts and went on mission trips to South America, Africa and Asia.


  • College
    Union College
  • Medical School
    University of Massachusetts
  • General Surgery Residency
    University of Massachusetts at BMC
  • Plastic Surgery Fellowship
    Tulane University of Louisiana

His desire for the art and science of medicine drew him to study Plastic Surgery. With his excellent credentials, Dr. Azul was accepted and completed the prestigious Tulane University Plastic Surgery Fellowship Program in New Orleans, LA. During his experience there, he helped children and adults alike, by performing cosmetic, reconstructive and hand surgeries.

Dr. Azul Jaffer is a fully trained Plastic Surgeon who believes that a detailed understanding in both art and science of medicine are essential in the specialty of Plastic Surgery. He presently lives with his family in Sugar Land and brings his knowledge and experience to serve the Fort Bend community. Read more about Dr. Azul Jaffer’s education and professional background.

Dr. Azul Jaffer’s Philosophy

I believe that everyone wants to look and feel their best. People want to appear healthy, young, vibrant, and attractive to their fellow co-workers, friends, and family. Today, advancements in both the quality and safety of plastic surgical procedures have made Plastic Surgery an increasingly popular way to look and feel your best.

Plastic Surgery to me is more than just surgery. It is an opportunity to work with and listen to an individual patient’s concerns. Together, we create a realistic plan to achieve these desired results. Join me in this journey of wanting to look great and feel better about yourself. Together, we will work to enhance the quality of your life. I look forward to meeting you.

— Azul Jaffer M.D., Houston Plastic Surgeon

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