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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is also referred to as buttock augmentation. BBL procedures are sought after to restore volume in the buttocks for those who have lost shape and size due to pregnancy, weight loss, or general flatness. A butt lift can effectively create a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Beautiful and Curvaceous Buttocks

Butt augmentation using your own fat, otherwise known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, has exploded in popularity at our Sugar Land practice over the past few years. The Brazilian Butt Lift is so named because Brazilian women are famous for their beautiful and curvaceous buttocks. If you are a woman who has dreamed of a more voluptuous butt, BBL may be your solution. This procedure involves performing extensive liposuction to narrow the waist. The fat that is removed is injected into your buttocks, making them larger, smoother, and more contoured.

To learn more about the Brazilian Butt Lift, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jaffer, our double board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Jaffer  applies his lifelong artistic passion and skill to help each patient visualize and achieve beautiful and natural-looking results – safely and effectively. Take a look at our Google reviews and you’ll understand why Dr. Jaffer is known as “The Artist in the O.R.”

Dr. Jaffer  listens carefully to every patient in order to achieve a look that is always natural, beautiful and ideal for each patient. You can also trust that Dr. Jaffer will provide honest, caring advice – your partner in getting the best results from your procedure and for life.

If you’ve already started researching plastic surgeons, you owe it to yourself to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jaffer. You’ll immediately feel comfortable discussing your procedure with him. Dr. Jaffer is highly respected by his patients and peers. This is the reason why other plastic surgeons refer some of their clients directly to Azul Plastic Surgery, and also why most of his patients come from referrals.

At Azul Plastic Surgery we are committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome in your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Located in Sugar Land, we serve clients in Fort Bend County and throughout the greater Houston area. Request your personal consultation.

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQ

Who is a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift procedures?

If your buttocks have a flattened or “deflated” appearance or sagging skin, and you’d like to improve it’s contours and fullness, talk to us about a butt augmentation. We can help you create the beautiful profile you desire.

The intended results include:

  • Larger, more voluptuous butt
  • Shapely, smooth contours
  • Narrower waist (site of liposuction fat harvesting)

How much does a Brazilian Butt Lift cost?

Because every patient’s concerns and desires are unique, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Jaffer. At the time of your consultation, a treatment plan will be proposed. With those variables identified, it will then be possible to estimate the costs associated with your Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Please keep in mind that we offer several easy financing options, including those from CareCredit, Alphaeon, Prosper, Parasail and LendingUSA.

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