Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Houston plastic surgeon Azul Jaffer, MD has built an outstanding reputation by helping patients achieve their desired results through facial plastic surgery procedures. As the most personal – and public – part of our physical appearance, the face is often equated with our identity, disposition and personality.

For many people considering facial plastic surgery, there is a strong disconnect between what they see in the mirror and how they feel on the inside. They may feel youthful and full of energy, but concerned about the visible signs of aging that develop over time. Others may be uncomfortable with some aspect of their appearance that keeps them from living life to the fullest.

Dr. Jaffer’s passion for the art and science of plastic surgery has honed his talent for performing facial plastic surgery procedures. With an artist’s complete mastery of proportion, symmetry and beauty, he helps patients realize aesthetic results that enhance confidence and turn back the hands of time.

Scroll down to learn about some of the different facial procedures we offer.
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Restorative Lift Procedures


Men and women around the world are discovering that a facelift procedure can be the most effective and long-lasting way to regain the appearance of youth. At Azul Plastic Surgery, we offer surgical facelift procedures (as well as some non-surgical treatments) to smooth and firm the skin, restoring a youthful appearance.

Brow Lift

A brow lift procedure is designed to rejuvenate the area of the forehead, one of the zones most commonly associated with signs of aging. If you’re concerned about frown lines or deep creases, ask us about this procedure.

Eyelid Surgery

It’s said that the eyes are “the window to the soul.” Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) corrects the signs of aging around the eyes, particularly wrinkles, excess skin, droopy lids and puffy bags that can give one an older, tired appearance.

Neck Lift

Just like a face lift or brow lift, a neck lift can target an area of frequent concern for those individuals more susceptible to sagging, excess skin of the neck area. This procedure cane combined with other treatments to achieve remarkable facial rejuvenation.

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Aesthetic Reshaping


Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) procedures are very common in our practice. This procedure can instantly correct cosmetic concerns like prominent humps, excess width, or a bulbous tip. We can also address medical issues like a deviated septum or valve collapse.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

As a sub-specialty of rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty is focused on providing nose reshaping for men and women of various ethnicities. Because noses naturally vary among different cultures, this requires communication, sensitivity and experience to arrive at natural-looking and appropriate results.  


This surgical procedure, also known as “ear pinning,” involves correcting ears that stick out so that they are less prominent. While otoplasty is most common among children, adults can also experience many benefits from this procedure.

Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair procedures are generally performed to correct torn or stretched out earlobes (damage from earrings). However, it can also be advantageous in resizing large or misshapen lobes.

Cheek Augmentation

Unhappy with the shape and appearance of your cheeks? Cheek implants can improve your profile by enhancing the proportion, balance and prominence of facial contours.

Chin Augmentation

The purpose of chin augmentation procedures is to improve the appearance of the chin. A chin implant is used to make the chin more proportionate to the rest of the face, bringing greater balance while improving the facial contours.

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Skin, Fillers and Scar Revision

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer (also called fat grafting) has become a popular way to improve facial contours and restore an appearance of youth, counteracting sunken features and creasing. Your own fat is used in the process, for safer and longer-lasting results than temporary fillers.

Keloid Reduction Surgery

Keloid reduction procedures are performed on scar sites (usually from deep skin wounds) that have grown abnormally large. Because surgical incisions can trigger keloid formation, it takes an experienced plastic surgeon to treat them properly.

Mole Removal

Individuals can easily become concerned about the unsightly appearance of a mole, or possibly even suspicious moles that have changed in coloration, shape and size. Dr. Jaffer will consult you on the optimal course of action and removal method.

Scar Revision

Old wounds can leave scars that alter one’s appearance. Through years of reconstructive plastic surgery experience, Dr. Jaffer can help dramatically diminish the appearance of these scars for a more natural and appealing result.

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