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You may have heard about a new and very effective facial procedure called CO2 fractional laser. We’re proud to offer this innovative skin treatment at Azul Plastic Surgery. CO2 Fractional Laser will resurface the skin, making you look years younger without surgery or lengthy recovery times. Azul Plastic Surgery is offering the CO2 Fractional Laser at the Introductory Price of only $1,500 which includes full face, neck and chest area. The results are stunning! Schedule a free appointment today!

Chelsea Handler shared a before and after picture of CO2 fractional laser treatment results:

Acne scars are virtually eliminated with this laser treatment:

Fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers are non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments. Because they use a higher wavelength laser than other treatments, they are safer and more versatile.

We’ve used CO2 fractional laser to get great results in the treatment of deep wrinkles, skin texture changes caused by acne, sun damage, blotchiness or scar tissue. This type of treatment is safe enough to use on delicate and sensitive skin, including the mouth and eyelids.

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