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Is significant and long-term relief from chronic migraine headaches possible? YES!

Headaches are a very common problem that interfere with many aspects of daily life for millions of Americans. About one-third of patients are not helped by current treatments. It is well documented that migraine headaches cause significant disability, and reduce of quality of life that is as dire, if not worse than, debilitating chronic diseases.

There have been major medical advances for the treatment of migraine headaches, yet patients must still endure symptoms until the medications take effect. Furthermore, often they still experience a poor quality of life despite an aggressive regimen of medications.

For these reasons, surgical solutions to migraines have been developed over the last 10 years. These new microsurgical techniques have the potential to reduce or eliminate migraine attacks for many patients who do not respond to other treatments. Headache surgery is a microsurgical operation undertaken with the goal of reducing or preventing migraines by delicately releasing the nerves from surrounding muscles causing constricting them.

How Do I Know If A Pinched Nerve Is The Cause of My Headaches?
Dr Jaffer takes a full medical history, reviews all previous CT, MRI, and nerve studies, and analyzes this data with a very experienced headache neurologists to determine the cause of your headaches.

What Are the Results With This Type of Surgery?
Migraine surgery has been shown to have very successful results:

  • 88% of patients experienced reduction in headaches
  • 59% of patients noticed a significant decrease in headaches after
  • 29% of patients reported complete elimination of migraine headache

Azul Jaffer, MD

Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Azul Jaffer is a Double Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is certified by the distinguished American Board of Plastic Surgery and the prestigious American Board of Surgery. Dr. Jaffer microsurgical training at Tulane University enables him to perform a unique set of very delicate surgical procedures designed specifically to restore sensation and minimize/eliminate pain from pinched nerves in patients suffering from migraines. He has helped many people from all over Texas suffering from debilitating headaches.

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