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Every individual is unique. Each person who visits our office has chosen Azul Plastic Surgery to help them on their journey of looking and feeling better about themselves. We are honored and grateful that they come to visit us from all over the world. And we truly try our hardest to help them achieve their goals. Our definition of success is our patients’ happiness and improved self image.

Dr. Azul Jaffer has been called “The Artist in the O.R.” – a testament to his artistic talent, surgical expertise and ability to understand exactly how to bring about a patient’s desired transformation.

See What Patients Have to Say About Azul Plastic Surgery

Karina / Tummy Tuck

Tracy / Tummy Tuck & Butt Lift

Judy / Breast Implant Removal

Jim / Facelift

Penny / Tummy Tuck Revision

Nicole / Breast Implants

Neely / Breast Lift

Ngozi / Tummy Tuck

Tess / Liposuction