breast reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Losing a breast to cancer is a life-changing event. Through the latest technological advancements, there are newer and more realistic-looking ways to reconstruct a normal-appearing breast after mastectomy through breast reconstruction.

Post-Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction

Recreating the breast is a critical step for many women in restoring self-confidence and quality of life, easing a woman’s recovery process.

Breasts that have been reconstructed won’t look exactly like the breast that was lost. It’s important for breast reconstruction candidates to be able to understand this and have realistic expectations for the procedure and outcome. Ideal candidates should be in good health and not suffering from any condition that would hinder proper healing and recovery.

Breast reconstruction can be performed at the same time as a mastectomy or be delayed months or even years after cancer treatments have been completed.

At Azul Plastic Surgery, we are committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome in your breast reconstruction surgery, taking great care to avoid unnecessary complications. Located in Sugar Land, we serve clients in Fort Bend County and Greater Houston. Schedule your consultation today.

Breast Reconstruction FAQ

Who is a candidate for Breast Reconstruction plastic surgery?

Ideal candidates should be in good health and not suffering from any condition that would hinder proper healing and recovery.

The final results of breast reconstruction following mastectomy can help lessen mastectomy’s physical and emotional impact. Over time, some breast sensation may return, and scar lines will improve, although they’ll never disappear completely. There are trade-offs, but most women feel these are small compared to the significant improvement in their quality of life and the ability to look and feel whole. Careful monitoring of breast health through self-exam, mammography, and other diagnostic techniques is essential to your long-term health.

What is Breast Reconstruction surgery and recovery like?

The procedure is done on an outpatient basis under MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care), which allows the patient to sleep through the procedure. After mastectomy, breast reconstruction is achieved through several plastic surgery techniques that attempt to restore a breast to near-normal shape, appearance, and size. Although breast reconstruction can rebuild your breast, the results are highly variable:

  • A reconstructed breast will not have the same sensation and feel as the breast it replaces.
  • Visible incision lines will always be present on the breast, whether from reconstruction or mastectomy.
  • Certain surgical techniques will leave incision lines at the donor site, commonly located in less exposed body areas such as the back, abdomen, or buttocks.

How much does a Breast Reconstruction cost?

Because every patient’s concerns and desires are unique, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Jaffer. At the time of your consultation, a treatment plan will be proposed. With those variables identified, it will be possible to estimate the costs associated with your breast reduction procedure.

We offer several easy plastic surgery financing options, including those from Alphaeon, Prosper, CareCredit, and PatientFi.

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