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Sabina Alicia

5 Star RatingOutstanding service, obviously cares for his patients wellbeing. Thank you taking great care of my son. You and your staff went above and beyond.

Elias roman

5 Star RatingWorked on my Grandfather’s Head. Removed a tumor and did a wonderful job. Very good Surgeon.


Nique Maciel

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer completely transformed my body & I finally feel comfortable in my own skin again!! He’s so awesome at what he does, words can’t describe how happy I am even at 2 weeks post op. The staff is amazing & has taken excellent care of me from my very first phone call to my post op visits!! So happy I’m already planning on my second procedure!!

Elias roman

5 Star RatingWorked on my Grandfather’s Head. Removed a tumor and did a wonderful job. Very good Surgeon.

Rita Stevenson

5 Star RatingDr Azul is so kind and has a gentle touch !!!! Dr Azul put me at ease with my decision to do corrective surgery on my breast ….At 50 i sit up as I’m 21 again 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH


Ashley Martinez

5 Star RatingMy whole experience with Dr.Jaffer and his team was awesome! They are all so super sweet , and I’m in love with my breast augmentation I went from an A-cup to a full D ! Once again I’m in love!


Janice Westmore

5 Star RatingFrom my initial consultation, I’ve had such a great experience with Dr Jaffer. All of his staff were so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. Dr Jaffer was up front and honest about the results I would receive. Dr Jaffer was very caring on the day of surgery. He made sure I didn’t snatch my IV out trying to get back in bed after markings. He even went as far as covering me up with the blanket as I was struggling to do so because of the IV. I’m two weeks post op and I can’t wait until the swelling is down so I can see my final results….by the way Ms Judy is the best.


Robin Denney

5 Star RatingI had originally had upper eye surgery in Thailand. One eye did not have a good outcome and I needed a revision. I spoke with my friends daughter who works in the medical field in Houston. She recommended two different surgeons who she knew did good ‘face work’. I interviewed them both and chose Dr. Azul Jaffer. It was an easy decision and the correct one. Dr. Jaffer is very easy to speak to, is non judgmental and very professional. The day of the surgery he arrived and completed all the markings and reviewed with me again what would be done. The bruising was very, very minimal. By the end of the first week the bruising was gone. Now, less than a month after the surgery both eyes already look much better, and symmetrical. The scarring is hardly noticeable, even this soon after surgery, and I look forward to seeing the final outcome in the coming months. I had no problems of any kind with the upper eye surgery and would recommend Dr. Jaffer to anyone looking for a kind, gentle and caring physician, with the necessary skills to preform quality aesthetic surgery. His staff are all encouraging and supportive. The last note would be that I was very glad that the Azul Plastic Surgery building was convenient to get to and has lots of parking. Over all a very good experience.


Julie Trinh

5 Star Rating

Jaymee Boughton

5 Star RatingAfter having children I was left with quite a bit of loose skin due to the toll of multiple pregnancies coupled with off/on again weight gain. After interviewing a handful of surgeons I chose Azul Plastic Surgery due to the level of care and attention, I believe, they give each and every client. Being a midwife by profession, compassionate care is very important to me. I knew upon meeting Dr. Jaffer and his team that I had found the right surgeon for my needs. If you are just now beginning your search, don’t settle for anything less. You deserve the very best surgeon and will find it here! Dr Jaffer has given me back a body that I feel beautiful in again. 🙂


Karen Johnston

5 Star RatingAfter meeting with Dr. Jaffer and his Office Manager, Judy Riley, I knew immediately that this would be my surgeon! I had researched many Cosmetic Surgeons in the Houston area, but I kept coming back to Azul Plastic Sugery as my first choice! Dr. Azul Jaffer has indeed put together his wonderful office staff with a group of competent, compassionate individuals. I cannot praise Dr. Jaffer enough on his expertise in his field. His bedside manner makes you feel immediately that he truly listens to your requests and understands your goals for your surgical needs!
In a nutshell, this is the only Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that I will use for any of my Cosmetic Surgical needs! We are very fortunate in the city of Sugar Land to have this exceptional Dr. Jaffer and his office located and offering the highest standard of aesthetic surgery and non surgical rejuvenation and enhancement in our region!


Amy Maravilla

5 Star Rating“I was truly impressed with your nice facility and very friendly, caring staff”. I am delighted that I chose Dr. Jaffer to care for my medical needs. Dr. Jaffer and his staff is very compassionate, understanding and have excellent bedside manners. I would highly recommend Dr. Jaffer for any of your medical needs, and promise you will be happy with his services!

elda alvarez

5 Star RatingThe experience from beginning to end was amazing. The finance process was fast and easy. Best of the best!

elda alvarez

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer and his staff are absolutely amazing! He performed a procedure on my mother that not many doctors here in Houston do. After years of her suffering from debilitating headaches, it was truly a blessing to have landed in Dr Jaffer’s care and have him perform a procedure that was life changing. The staff we’re so kind, compassionate, and helpful. Judy was there every step of the way to answer any questions or concerns at any time of the day. Dr Jaffer restored a smile on my mother’s face that I hadn’t seen in years!


Kat Goss

5 Star RatingDr. Azul Jaffer has skillfully and compassionately performed reconstructive surgery for me twice. I would recommend him to anyone for plastic surgery. He listens attentively and provides answers to all questions of what to expect for results. His staff are excellent and very pleasant to work with. The entire experience has been very positive.

brenda reyes

5 Star RatingMy experience with Dr.Jaffer and the staff at Azul Plastic Surgery has been nothing but amazing. Every one is so welcoming and you just feel like family. So I went in for a consultation on November of 2017 for a tummy tuck and I left the office confident he was the doctor for me. Something inside just wouldn’t let me keep looking any further, and my intuition wasn’t wrong. I had my tummy tuck surgery 4 weeks ago and my recovery has been amazing. Dr. Jaffer and Judy have been with me every step of the way explaining any concerns I may have and Mrs. Judy actually answered my messages late at night when I had any type of questions/concerns. I have felt well taken care of by everyone at the office honestly. Although it has been a bumpy ride for me with my emotions, I can honestly say I am very happy with my results. Always, always follow your intuition, I am not even at the end of my recovery and I am already loving my body…… Dr Jaffer, all I can say is thank you so much, you have given me the confidence I lost 7 years ago. You are amazing!

Casey Myers

5 Star RatingI am so blessed to have been in the care of Dr Azul Jaffer. I was scheduled for my procedure on December 19, 2017, I was so excited and arrived at the hospital as instructed. Dr Azul greeted me with a smile as always. He completed his mark ups on the areas that were going to be treated, then he stated all is good, and he just needed to do a check of my hemoglobin levels. Well he order the test and oh no my levels came back deathly low. Dr Azul was so concerned about my levels he admitted me and contacted a specialist to step in and help correct my blood levels. I had to stay in the hospital for at least 6 day. Dr Azul saved my life that day. Most doctors would have never ordered blood work before this procedure, they would have taken me to surgery, opened me up and discovered, that I did not have enough blood to make it through my surgery, which would have led to my death.
I was able to see a specialist who help me with my haemoglobin levels, which cleared me for surgery.
Dr Azul counseled with me through out the entire time, visit with me everyday while I was in the hospital 6 whole days, I was realized Christmas Eve.
Long story short, I finally had my surgery January 12, 2018 and again he visit with me everyday I was in the hospital, which was 7 days.
I’m so blessed and so happy I found Dr Azul, my body looks amazing. I look in the mirror everyday and can not believe I look so good, but I’m more appreciative, that I’m here to see the results, I will always be forever grateful to Dr. Azul.
Before I end this review, I want to also praise his staff, their kind and very comforting. Mrs. Judy calls you on her own time and Jessica is so easy going and soft spoken. I just love, love, love these people. You can tell this is what they love to do.


Di’s Google Account

5 Star RatingLadies when it is time to do something for yourself to make yourself feel more feminine, you should consider a consultation with Dr. Jaffer!

Dr. Jaffer is skilled, personable, honest, professional, he takes his time and answer your questions.

He was smart enough to hire an excellent staff, who have many of the same characteristics as he does.

I had breast augmentation and a lift and after less than two months; I have very little redness and have healed very well. The most visible scar is very thin and continues to fade.

I don’t remember the last time I woke up and couldn’t see my toes because my breast were where they were supposed to be, instead of under my arms.

Should I choose to have another surgery Dr. Jaffer and his team will be my pick!!

Thank you Dr. Jaffer, Judy and Jessica for making my experience a very successful one!


Christine Kharkevitch

5 Star RatingThere are just too many great things to say! From the moment I stepped into Azul Plastic Surgery, the care, compassion, and energy I felt was truly one that I have never received at a doctors office.
The staff was always able to answer my questions and Judy always took her time to consult with my concerns and was so incredibly easy to talk to. Jessica is the sweetest who always answered my calls and helped me get the quickest appointments I could!
Dr. Jaffers skills and ability to tailor to my personal needs was something unimaginable. I will always go to him for anything else because I know I will not receive the same care and artistic view at any other place. I cannot thank that whole office enough for their help!


lauren moreno

5 Star RatingEverything about Azul Plastic Surgery is phenomenal! The staff is so incredibly kind and organized. Dr. Jaffer is very professional and perfect at his work. I’m so incredibly pleased and would recommend anyone to see this office.


Swimmer Mom

5 Star RatingAfter years of research and contemplation, I had Abdominoplasty with lipo on December 26th. The surgery went well as has my recovery. I was able to return to my desk job two weeks post op. I’m almost four weeks post op now, and my results are really looking nice! I would definitely recommend Dr Jaffer to anyone for this procedure!

Kelli Longoria

5 Star RatingBlow away with his work! Dr. Jaffer has a beautiful new and modern building that caught my eye on my occasional trip to Sugarland. I looked up his reviews and credentials and went in for a consultation… I instantly knew I was in the right place. His staff is the most loving and personable people you will meet. His nurse Judy is an angel and is always a phone call away for questions. Dr. Jaffer is a very professional surgeon who collaborated with my wants and performed an amazing transformation. I recommend Dr. Jaffer to anyone who wants a honest, professional, and caring surgeon performing cosmetic surgery on them or their loved ones. He is a true artist.


Yessenia Villatoro

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is very knowledgeable and welcoming. Everyone was very nice and I was treated with professionalism and care. I appreciate their follow-up and willingness to answer all my questions. I am very pleased with my experience and highly recommend Dr. Jaffer!


Stephanie Hajducek

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer, Judy and Jessica at Azul Plastic Surgery are THE BEST plastic surgery team! I had my breast reduction surgery and lift on 12/21/17. Yesterday was 2 weeks post-op and I feel great and my incisions are healing extremely well. I made the decision to have breast reduction in large part because I suffered from chronic upper back and neck pai

n. I did a ton of research and looked at several different doctors before deciding to consult with Dr. Jaffer. I believe that the majority of one’s decision to use a specific doctor comes from the doctor’s education, experience and previous patient reviews. I didn’t want to have to consult with anyone else and after meeting with Dr. Jaffer and his team I did not feel the need to. He was upfront about what the surgery would entail and how my recovery would progress. Jessica and Judy were very attentive and helped me through each step of the process. Dr. Jaffer and the medical team at Oakbend (William’s Way) took excellent care of me the day of my surgery and I was able to go home the same afternoon. Anytime I had a concern or question I just sent Judy a text and she would communicate with Dr. Jaffer and respond quickly, even during the holidays and late into the evening. I feel like a new woman and am so glad that I am under the care of such a great team!


Kimberly Decuir

5 Star RatingMy experience with Dr. Jaffer and his staff has been exceptional from the initial consultation months ago to my surgery date 12/12/17 and now post op follow up visit(s). My 1 week follow up for tummy tuck, muscle repair, and body lipo to related areas was on 12/20/17. When the bandages came off I was very pleased with my results and at ease and confident in my continued after care going forward. Dr. Jaffer and his staff have always been available to answer any of my questions concerning my surgery and recovery so that all goes as smooth as possible, and that I am comfortable throughout this process. Thanks Dr. Jaffer, Judy, and staff for your excellence!

Sunny Jain

5 Star RatingI had a wonderful experience with Azul Plastic Surgery. Dr. Jaffer did a phenomenal job and I’m very happy with my results. His staff are incredibly kind and helpful, and everyone knows me on a first name basis. Ms. Judy is just a text message away if I ever need anything, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I highly recommend Azul Plastic Sur


Mama Bear’s Kitchen

5 Star RatingAt Azul Plastic surgery you are never a client, you are Family! Everyone treats you like you are part of the team from start to finish and years to come. Very professional and discreet. TJack


Diana Arvizu

5 Star RatingAbsolutely amazing job on my moms eyes. Took the under bags off flawlessly and expertly took the heaviness off the top lids. This was my moms first cosmetic procedure and we couldn’t have asked for better treatment. Dr. Jaffer explained everything in detail and answered every question with detail and patience. This made us feel comfortable to proceed with the procedure. My mom looks so natural, we were scared her face would change but she looks exactly the same just more youthful which is what she wanted.

Malaika Cherie

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is amazing! Ms. Judy and Jessica are very warm and welcoming! I did my 1St consultation with Dr. Jaffer and didn’t have to look any further. All questions were honestly answered and they were always willing to patiently explain everything and anything! I did a breast lift and augmentation, after breast-feeding all three of my kids for 2+ years each, 8 weeks ago and my husband and I are very pleased with the results. It looks so natural just like I wanted. It has been a delightful experience. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Azul!


Godarzi Builders

5 Star RatingDr. azul Jaffar removed a lipoma from my shoulder last week and today 6 days later I can’t even see the scars. I was impressed with his professionalize as well as his staff . thank you Dr. Jaffar job well done


Calley Grant

5 Star RatingI had to get surgery done to my face due to an accident, and Dr. Jaffer did a wonderful job. No one is even able to tell that I have had work done to my face. Also Dr. Jaffer and his team are all very professional and very nice. So I highly recommend Azul plastic surgery 😊


Shannon Smith Snell

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer, his staff, and oakbend were wonderful in there care and concern. My results are amazing and I love my new look! I can wear anything and it looks great on me! Thank you Dr. Jaffer, Judy, and both Jessica’s!!

Jennifer Taylor Jameson

5 Star RatingMy 17 year old daughter had liposuction last month to remove an unsightly fatty deposit on her neck. The results were even better than we imagined and the scar is TINY. Everyone in Dr. Jaffer’s office was warm and welcoming and made the process easy. Judy is awesome! Thank you Dr. Jaffer!

Melody Soto Clark

5 Star RatingWhen it comes to artistry and care there’s nothing like Azul Plastic Surgery. It’s more of a visit with family than a doctors appointment. Thank you for all you do Dr. Jaffer & Team!


carol mitchell

5 Star RatingHave you ever walked into an office and immediately felt that this is where you belong? I was so impressed with Dr. Jaffer and his staff. They really care about you and your well being. At my consultation, I truly felt that Dr. Jaffer, Judy, and Jessica had my best interest at heart. He is an artist and I am so happy with my results and have referred others to him. I love, love, love the way I feel about my body now and will be coming back next year to have my leg lift. This office makes you feel good about yourself. Thank you everybody for the love and support!!


Karina Martinez

5 Star Rating


Kelly Latorre

5 Star RatingThank you Dr. Azul! I “had” such horrible & painful carpal tunnel in my right hand. My hand was always falling asleep even while I slept. After suffering for many years, I finally was told about an amazing plastic surgeon who does it all with remarkable results. Only a week after my surgery did I realize, I have No pain, No numbness in my fingers or hand nor in my forearm to my elbow. I definitely will be going back to him for my Left hand!


Lisa Whatley

5 Star RatingI literally researched plastic surgeons for months before deciding to consult with Dr. Jaffer. A close friend had recommended him and I also spoke to another lady who Dr. Jaffer had done her breast reduction too. After hearing about their experiences and meeting with Dr. Jaffer, I felt confident in Dr. Jaffer’s skills as a surgeon to give me the desired results and relief from the breast reduction/lift procedure. Dr. Jaffer is very personable, friendly and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Jaffer’s office team (Judy, Melody, Jessica) also made every visit positive, relaxing and encouraging. I had a reaction to the pain medicine post surgery, called the office and within minutes received a call back that another script had been called into my pharmacy. I was impressed that it was not only handled so quickly but someone called me to tell me that it was taken care of. I’m currently 2 1/2 weeks post surgery but I can already feel a huge relief from the lack of strain on my back and shoulders from the breast reduction. Just like all the other reviews that I read, why did I wait so long!!

Zaida Arredondo

5 Star RatingMy husband and I are Delighted to have chosen Dr. Azul Jaffer as my surgeon for my second bi-lateral breast augmentation. He is the prime example of what a plastic surgeon should be. He takes the time to know his patients and inform them of every detail possible. His desire to meet your expectations are honest and love the fact that he won’t sugarcoat. “PHENOMENAL” bedside manners! Thank You to the following ladies….Jessica for always greeting us with a welcoming smile. Melody, very nice and upbeat ready to answer any questions or concerns. Judy, from the moment I spoke to you on the phone with your knowledge and reassurance I knew I would be in great hands. THANK YOU ALL for making me your #1 Priority!!!:)


Lou Saad

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is the best! He answered all of my questions and listened to any concerns I had and made me feel so comfortable. I was so blown away by how personable and kind he and his staff were. I would recommend Dr. Jaffer to anyone and everyone! My results are amazing and I feel beautiful and confident. Thank you Dr. Jaffer for taking such good care of me!


Lou Saad

5 Star RatingI researched multiple plastic surgeons and was very skeptical about making the leap to get surgery. I was finally refereed Dr. Jaffer and decided to do my due diligence and read up on him. All the reviews were great and I felt comfortable scheduling an in-person consultation. After I met him and his staff, I knew this was the place for me. Everyone made me feel comfortable and the work was amazing. I would for sure recommend this place to any friends deciding on getting plastic surgery.

ashley culton

5 Star RatingMy journey has not been easy but after meeting Dr. jaffer he sure made it worth it. From the first consultation to the friendly staff that walked me through step by step up until the day of my surgery. Dr jaffers integrity,professionalism and realistic out loook on every aspect regarding my health and happiness gave me the security I needed to proceed to this new chapter of my life !! My results are amazing ! I’ve had 2 kids lost over 100lbs and Dr jaffer took all of that and sculptured me beyond a vision I ‘ve ever imagined! One would say I’m pleased with my results but I say I’m blessed to have met Someone so detailed, and heartfelt in his work ! Thank you Dr.Jaffer and staff For helping me began again!!!!

Cindy Williams

5 Star RatingI would like to thank Dr. Jaffer and his staff for a great experience. Dr. Jaffer made me feel really at ease before my surgery. He assured me I was in good hands. My results are amazing! The entire process was very smooth. I really appreciated Judy calling me after my surgery, to make sure everything was going good. This procedure was life changing for me. I can honestly say, I’m loving the skin I’m in. Thanks again for everything.

Rebecca Dela Cruz Dela Cruz

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer was very professional and true to his word. He has an excellent patient -doctor interaction and very prompt. He will allay your fears but he stays within the boundaries of realistic expectations.

leah hagan

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is the best thing since sliced bread!!!!
I am simply blown away from my results and the care I have received.
Not only was Dr.Jaffer helpful but so was his staff. Judy is amazing- she made sure to keep constant contact with me and made sure my fiancée had zeros worries while I was in surgery and post op!
Melody- is just as awesome all around! The ladies certainly make you feel like family!
Jessica, made sure to call to remind me about my appointments and made sure that appointment times work around my schedule!

I could not have made a better decision with going ahead and having my procedure done by Dr. Jaffer and Azul Plastic Surgery.
While I did have a few different consultations- Jaffer and his team stole the show (I wish I didn’t waste my time seeing the other doctors)
If you’re looking for QUALITY results and Amazing care please consider Azul.

*self confidence level 10000000000 (:


Susan O.

5 Star RatingAfter suffering for many years from severe headaches, I was diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia. My neurologist prescribed medications, pain blocks and botox. Over time they became less effective and he then referred me to Dr. Jaffer. I thank God for that referral! My husband and I met with him and immediately knew that this was what we needed to do. Dr. Jaffer explained the nerve decompression surgery. He also informed us how the procedure would be performed and gave us realistic expectations. It’s not guaranteed, but there was a high chance that it would give me some relief, if not complete relief. Dr. Jaffer has a very calming demeanor and puts you at ease. I am now 3 weeks out from surgery and I can tell you that even though I had surgical pain, I am no longer feeling that Occipital Headache pain. So far so good! He explained that we will not know completely the outcome until 3-6 months. But I feel wonderful and know that we made the right decision! Dr. Jaffer and his assistant, Judy (who is incredible and encouraged me through any moment of doubt) are a wonderful team! I strongly suggest anyone suffering with this condition to counsel with him and see if this may be an option for you, as well.


Shadell Onyebuchi

5 Star RatingDr. Azul Jaffer was very kind and he also did an amazing job on my face, he removing this growth. I’m very satisfied with my results. Thank you Dr. Jaffer.


Ashley Benefield

5 Star RatingDr.Azul is amazing! He performed surgery on my grandmother who I am very protective over. From the day I met him and his lovely staff we felt at home! He did an awesome job and my grandmother and I are both very grateful for what he has done. Im so happy & amazed with what he did for her that I’m considering going to him for myself!!! Thank you to everyone at Azul Plastic Surgery!

Rachel Blumenthal

5 Star RatingI needed surgery to remove a ruptured cyst underneath my ear. At every step of the process, Dr. Azul and his staff were very courteous and kind. I always felt well informed about the operation I was committing to, as well as the potential risks incurred and alternative courses of action that were available to me. I was very happy with the outcome, and I did not have any problems with recovery after the operation.

I will definitely be recommending Azul Plastic Surgery to any friends or family that may need or want work done in the future!


Karem Mendoza

5 Star RatingI had a great experience with doctor Jaffer Azul and his staff, they all were so great, friendly, helpful and kind.
Doctor Azul is an excellent surgeon and he is the best. I highly recommend him to anyone and whenever I need another surgery for sure I will go back to him again.

Hannah Hyatt Hartnett

5 Star RatingIn July 2017 I underwent Occipital Nerve Decompression Surgery with Dr. Jaffer. I have suffered with migraines my entire life and had been referred as a candidate for the surgery by my neurologist. I had previously visited another surgeon but had read some concerning things online about the surgeon and wanted to get a second opinion. After visiting with Dr. Jaffer and researching him, I found nothing concerning about Dr. Jaffer and felt comfortable letting him operate on me. One thing Dr. Jaffer did differently that I really appreciated is that he takes a very safe, conservative approach. He prefers only to operate on the necessary nerves when other surgeons like to operate on more. He feels that it minimizes risk to the patient, which I very much appreciated. It was clear that my safety and long-term healing was always the top priority for him. After my surgery, I had several complications and problems with my medication. I found his office staff to be very responsive, attentive, and helpful (they were texting me back at 8:00 at night). Additionally, one of his employees, Judy has always gone out of her way to make me feel comfortable and to ensure I get everything I need. She was also very sympathetic to my lifelong struggle with migraines and made me feel like they wanted to do everything they could to help me.Fair Warning, recovery from this surgery is not easy as he is cutting open your head. You will likely be down for at least a month. But, I have found I am only improving with time and a significant decrease in my migraines which has helped improve the quality of my life. There are other surgeons in Houston who do this particular surgery more, however, I felt comfortable trusting Dr. Jaffer above the others. Dr. Jaffer was always completely honest with me and never left out information or made me feel like I wasn’t seeing the entire picture. If you are considering this surgery, Dr. Jaffer is a very trustworthy and capable doctor whom I would definitely recommend.


Nicole Meador

5 Star RatingI could not be more pleased with my Tummy Tuck results. I am 30 years old with 3 children under the age of 5. I was referred to Azul plastic surgery by a friend and I am so thankful she shared her amazing results with me! Not only is Dr. Jaffer amazing but his staff make my appointments so enjoyable. I would trust Azul plastic surgery with all of my plastic surgery needs.


Rebekah Hamilton

5 Star RatingI am a weight loss patient. I got the sleeve three years ago and have lost close to 105 pounds. I was very nervous as I had never had any dealings with any sort of plastic surgeon or corrective surgery. I spoke to Judy who made me feel like one of her best girlfriends and she genuinely cared about me and genuinely gave me time to think about the decision and finally come to the conclusion that I wanted to stop by and talk to Dr Jaffer. Judy had a lot of faith in Dr Jaffer. Before coming in,I saw one of Dr Jaffer’s videos on YouTube where he explained his treatment of the body as a piece of artwork and that he had done previous artwork in the past which really spoke to me as I am also an artist and I have done several years of schooling being an artist.I spoke to Dr Jaffer about getting a tummy tuck and a muscle repair with lipo on the flanks. Dr Jaffer spoke to me about losing a little bit more weight for a better result and was able to give me medication that Has assisted with my weight loss I lost 20 pounds in two months and came back to talk to Dr Jaffer about scheduling the actual surgery. Dr Jaffer really impressed me getting naked in front of anyone is tough thing to do and he just seem to look at my body as a sculpture at something that he was going to do some artwork to. He was going to fixed me to the way that God intended my body to be before I gained so much weight. Four weeks out and I feel very good. I still have a little bit of pain but it’s getting better and I am very happy with the results from Dr. Jaffer. His staff has treated me like no other doctors office has before very courteous very caring Judy will answer her phone at 1 AM if I called her at 1 AM she’s amazing I wouldn’t choose anyone else other than Dr Jaffer for any other surgery and hopefully in the future I’m going to get a lift on my breast.


Carolyn E

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer and his staff are wonderful! At my initial consultation, Dr. Jaffer answered all my questions and Judy and Jessica were so helpful as well. Since my initial consultation went so well, I felt very comfortable with my decision and scheduled my procedure to be done as soon as possible. And I could not be more pleased with my results! I highly recommend Dr. Jaffer. I honestly do not think you can find a better surgeon and staff in the Houston area.

Isis Hawkins

5 Star RatingMy experience was AMAZING since the day I’ve decided to call Azul Plastic Surgery. Both Jessicas are very nice and professional. They helped me get started by setting up my consultation. Judy is literally heaven sent!!! She is so hands on so professional and very sweet, caring and loving. Dr. Jaffer is amazing, very professional and dedicated to his work! He makes sure that not only you look good but feel comfortable with his work. I had a breast augmentation on 08/17/17 and it was the best decision and investment I’ve made so far. DrJaffer did such an amazing job that I am definitely going back to get more work done by him. More than just a beautiful office, they make you feel at home. Dr. Jaffer has such a great staff and an amazing sidekick which is Judy.. If I could add more stars to this rating I would definitely add a thousand more!! They will be seeing me soon! I’m not done yet… I am a very satisfied and happy customer 🙏🏼

Kathy Stevens

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer and his staff were amazing during my Brachioplasty. I am so happy with my new arms! The recovery process was a lot harder than I expected, but I was always put at ease by Dr. Jaffer and Judy. They made this a wonderful experience and were always there for me with my questions/concerns. I highly recommend Azul Plastic Surgery!


Sarai Sullivan

5 Star RatingDr. Azul and his staff we’re just great, from the initial first consultation until the day of surgery. I had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck done, its been two weeks since my surgery and I feel and look amazing. Couldn’t be more thankful to Dr. Azul and his staff for treating me so well. Dr. Azul is a true artist in his field. I would recommend Dr. Azul 100%


Natalie B

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer came highly recommended . We were a bit apprehensive about our son having a surgical procedure due to his age. Dr. Jaffer and his staff provided exceptional care and service pre and post surgery.

The greatest review comes from our son, after all he is the patient. Although not old enough to write his own review. He is 100% satisfied with the results of his procedure. He is at an age where self image and self esteem means the world. Dr. Jaffer’s skill gave our son the image boost that he needed!!
We can’t thank him and his staff enough.


Krystal Bustamante

5 Star RatingBest Dr ever!! I went to Dr.Jaffer for my breast augmentation surgery in 2014 and it was the best decision I ever made. His work was excellent and your concerns are his priority and thanks to him I recommend him to anyone!!



5 Star RatingSo glad I chose Dr. Jaffer as my surgeon for my breast lift and augmentation. I was nervous about the process but he explained everything very well and the results were better than my expectations. Judy and Jessica have been wonderful with answering all my questions and kept the experience positive the whole way. I would highly recommend their team.


Eleska Moore

5 Star RatingAll I can say is that Dr. Jaffer and his staff are the most compassionate, kind-hearted and caring people. I was so blessed with the experience that I had with him and his staff. they treated me like family and Ms. Judy (Dr. Jaffer’s assistant) is amazing she was right there holding my hand through the entire process of my tummy tuck
23 years ago I had a tummy tuck after my child and c-section. in 2010 I had to have emergency surgery on my abdomen and the surgeon cut me straight down the middle. long story short my stomach muscles were cut and never healed properly, which caused my abdomen to produce out.

I became extremely self-conscious about the way I looked.

so I went to see Dr. Jaffer, and I am so happy and pleased with me results! I’m still recovering, but all I can say is that Dr. Jaffer and his staff are absolutely the very best. Thanks Doc for everything, I appreciate you and your staff for all the kindness that was shown to me.

Roxanna Martinez

Roxanna Martinez

5 Star RatingBest Dr. ever! In Love at first sight with my results. I felt so relaxed after my first consultation; I decided to go on with the process immediately. I didn’t have the need to get a second opinion. He has the patience and the time to explain the process and answer all your questions. And Oh my god, Judy. Judy is a really special woman. She makes you feel like you known her all your life!!! If your looking for a plastic surgeon don’t waste your time looking, he is everything you need!


William Voigt

5 Star RatingIn early June of this year 2017 a small scratch on the back right hand side of my neck began to hurt. A week later I assumed the beginnings of a cyst. Shortly thereafter almost overnight I had a ballooning lump the size of the palm of my hand growing toward the back of my neck. I knew then I had a skin Infection. I began to take the antibiotic Amoxicillin I had saved in my fridge for a few days with negative results. I then called my Principle Care Doctor and his secretary told me he doesn’t take care of Infections. By this time my whole neck was swollen up with my head bending down and unable to easily turn my head from side to side. That same Friday night I became dizzy and trying to walk through the hallway of my house, I temporarily passed out and broke my left arm. I was taken by Ambulance to the hospital. There I was told I had Cellulitis and my arm put in a sling. At 2:30 AM Saturday, the emergency room doctor told me there were no Doctors available for my conditions and was sent home with a Prescription for antibiotics and to to call for a Bone and Infectious Disease Doctor on Monday.
Taking the new antibiotics my arm was put in a cast five days later by a Bone Dr., and I being told again to contact an Infectious Disease Doctor. Making the call I was then told he was on Vacation. The other Doctors at the Clinic could not see me for about three weeks because I was a New patient. Needing Surgery and out of pain killers I could not take it any longer, I contacted a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Azul Jaffer who saw me the second day after the call. Dr. Jaffer operated on the Infection within 72 hours at Oak Bend Medical Center, Sugarland. If I had somehow waited the 3 weeks to see an Infectious Disease Doctor the Staph Infection I had would have spread to my blood stream and killed me.
Thank you Dr. Jaffer for taking the Time to quickly see a person for something not related to Plastic Surgery and probably saving my Life. God Bless You Sir!

Sunni D

Sunni D

5 Star RatingGoing to Dr. Azul was an experience within itself because as a woman with bigger breast I have been hestitive for years about whether or not I wanted a reduction. During my visit to Dr Azul (which was easy to find right off the freeway), the office was nice and clean, the environment was beautiful and the staff was attentive. Once in Room Judy was very honest, knowledgeable and helpful. Then Dr. Azul ammaingly treated me like a human and not a pay check. He was honest, despite what I wanted to hear, he told me the TRUTH. He reassured me and answered all my questions, even was honest with pictures. He was nice and realistic. So was Jennifer his little cute, petite assistant. She was GORGEOUS and all the while she was worried about me and how I felt. There was NO PRESSURE. I would recommend anyone to him. Great person and staff!!!



5 Star RatingAbsolutely loved everything about my experience at Azul Plastic surgery. Dr Jaffer did an amazing job with my augmentation and exceeded my expectations. Judy and Jessica are so friendly and make me feel so comfortable during office visits. I tell everyone about my experience and will definitely be coming back.



5 Star RatingDr Jaffer and his staff are amazing. I am glad that I choose him to do my tummy tuck. My results are truly amazing and painless.


Opal Leleux

5 Star RatingAzul Plastic Surgery has been the saving grace for my family. I first met Dr. Jaffer and his staff when I brought my mother in law to him for a consult. She was in a bad spot due to her battling a terrible infection from a botched tummy tuck by another surgeon. This battle had lasted for more than a year. We had one excuse or explanation after another from this doctor before I said enough is enough. The previous plastic surgeon had my mother in law on antibiotics for more than a year due to reoccurring abscesses. He would simply drain the area by incision and prescribe more antibiotics. After two additional failed surgeries with him we decided to visit Dr. Jaffer. He came highly recommended due to his experience in wound care. Dr. Jaffer and his staff, Judy, and Jessica, in particular where the most warm and compassionate people I have ever met. They made my mother feel like not only they cared but they also sympathized with her and the terrible pain she had endured over the past year. Dr. Jaffer was honest, even despite our concerns. He simply said “we are beyond the cosmetic aspect now, now we need to save your life.” Judy and Jessica took care of all of the details of planning the surgery and answered all of our questions. Judy even called us periodically before the surgery to check on my mother. Now my mother is currently in recovery and all is looking up. She already has less pain now than she has in over a year and only after a few days post op. Despite Dr. Jaffers comment about cosmetics my mother’s scar looks amazing in comparison to what she had before. If you or anyone you know is considering surgery please, please meet with Dr. Jaffer and his staff at Azul Plastic Surgery. You will not regret it.

Angel and Opal of Magnolia


Sandra Rodriguez

5 Star RatingBreast Reduction and Tummy Tuck
I am so pleased with Dr Jaffers and his staff.
This was my first experience with plastic surgery. I had lots of questions, concerns and fear rushing through my head. The internet has so much information that can be toxic. So I did my research and everything led me to Azul Plastic Surgery. Real women giving real stories about their experience with Dr Jaffers. I am so blessed to have found such an artist/surgeon. I will forever be grateful to him and his staff. I am still amazed by how beautiful his work is.
I can’t stop looking in the mirror.

Rebekah Van Someren

Rebekah Van Someren

5 Star RatingI am so glad I chose Dr. Jaffer for my surgery. I did a ton of research on plastic surgeons in the area and it always led me back to him. He does beautiful work and takes such good care of his patients. Everyone who works at his office is so wonderful-they help so much with the whole process and make it so much less stressful. After giving birth to twins I needed a tummy tuck and hernia repair. I’ll be honest, I was so intimidated having a surgery. But it has been life changing and I’ve never regretted it for a second.


Alice Moore

5 Star Rating

Allie Wiltshire

Allie Wiltshire

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer and his staff did an amazing job. They truly cared and walked me through every step. I am really grateful for my experience here. I would highly recommend.


Erin Wellls

5 Star RatingLoved everyone at Azul! I will without a doubt recommend Dr. Jaffer to any and everyone. I am a much more confident person and I am so impressed with how everything turned out. LOVE his work!


Tanaka Scott

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer and his staff are knowledgable and very professional. Dr. Jaffer has excellent bedside manner and is caring. I look amazing and I am quite pleased with my results.

MsPaze Moore

MsPaze Moore

5 Star RatingMy experience with Dr.Azul was surprisingly candid. I say surprising b/c I didn’t expect a plastic surgeon to be honest with me. I wanted a Brazilian butt lift and I’m glad I went to him for a second opinion. Because the other doctor just wanted money and hardly looked at me to make an assessment. Dr. Jeff told me that my expectations for the result I wanted would not be accomplished in one surgery. I really appreciated his honesty, so much in fact that as a visual person, he even drew a picture of what it would look like. His staff was also honest, letting me know that my butt in its natural state is great! That plastic surgery candidates actually try to get the butt I already have.


Ginia Frankum

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer and his staff have been amazing and have taken care of me for weeks. I initially visited Dr. Jaffer to discuss a breast lift and have my saline implants replaced with silicone.
To give you a little bit about my history: In my mid 20’s I decided to get breast implants and had asked for several referrals from friends and had visited with several different doctors. I don’t recall why I chose the Dr. I did, but I’m guessing in my 20’s it had something to do with money. You get what you pay for! The implants never really felt “right” and they kind of sloshed around in my body despite the fact they were “placed behind the muscle.” Over all I guess they looked ok, but I always desired them to sit up higher. After moving several years later to the Houston area I decided to do a crescent lift to hopefully give me the look I was looking for. This is a very minor lift that re-attaches the nipples up higher. Before surgery I asked the Dr. if he could fill the implant a little more to give me that rounder look up top. There again young and not understanding implants don’t technically work that way….The Dr. stated my implants were “pretty full, but he may be able to get 10-15 ccs in them. ” I can recall sitting up from the recovery table asking the nurse if he was able to fill them and she said ” Yes girl, He got 90 cc’s in there!”
So what I wasn’t aware of is I had a 425cc implant originally filled to 460 and then the 2nd doctor added and extra 90 ccs for a total of 560cc.
At my initial visit Dr. Jaffer got eye level with me and explained the procedure in detail, but that he wouldn’t know what to expect until we got in the OR considering he was following behind several different Doctors.
The morning of surgery : I arrived at 6 am and was the first surgery of the day. Everyone was very nice and eager to assist me. Dr. Jaffer arrived and made his drawings and it was time for our 4 hour ordeal to begin.
I recall trying my best to get my eyes open following surgery and vaguely remember a nurse telling another nurse “She was a breast aug that took over 8 hours.” My mind couldn’t grasp who they were referring to. After all, I had just went to sleep moments earlier.
Once the surgery began Dr. Jaffer realized the challenge before him. When you initially have implants put in this creates a pocket of scar tissue. When my second Dr. expanded the implant it created a 2nd pocket of scar tissue for Dr. Jaffer to work thru and remove. He also noted the 2 implants he removed were significantly different in size. After working diligently for hours Dr. Jaffer realized the implants he originally ordered would not sufficiently work in the 2 different size pockets he now had to work with. By the Grace of God Dr. Jaffer had extra implants that would work for me. One implant is a 495 cc and the other a 565. This is the drastic difference the first 2 doctors created. Dr. Jaffer worked for hours and noted where my right nipple had been lifted previously, the Doctor cut so deep it caused a lack of blood supply causing the tissue to begin to die. Dr. Jaffer seen me back two days later because he was concerned how my body would react and if the nipples had adequate blood supply to live due to my previous Doctor’s carelessness. He also explained to me the implants were not placed correctly behind the muscles in my previous surgeries.
I am happy to report I am on the road to recovery!! I am so pleased with my lift and my implants and the amazing care Dr. Jaffer, Judy, Jessica and their team has given me. Dr. Jaffer is a truly wonderful, compassionate Dr who has cared and monitored me for weeks. For anyone considering a first time procedure or a repeat customer, I would recommend him 110%. He’s an amazing ARTIST!


Jamie Hohman

5 Star RatingFirst and most important to me is the relationship. Dr. Jaffer spent a great deal of time asking me about myself, my concerns, my hopes and what I needed. My surgery wasn’t an easy one as I had to have a 17 yr old breast augmentation replacement with a lot of scar tissue and more, Needless to say I was very nervous. He was honest, upfront, and yet let me know he was confident in his abiility to make the procedure successful. The staff, namely Judy Riley, and entire experience exceeded my expectations!!! I am forever grateful and thrilled with my results!



5 Star RatingI been knowing Dr. Jaffer for yrs I worked with him at a hospital he anyways been a great Dr. This time I needed surgery and not only was I satisfied with the results but his staff was very nice and even the hospital staff was very nice. Thanks Dr.


Muhammad Syed

5 Star RatingVery courteous staff. Quality service. As far as my surgery goes i was scared about post op scars, but it has been a little more than two weeks now and they’re barely visible anymore. Great job, I’d definitely recommend him 🙂


Jasmyne Selexman

5 Star RatingRight as I walked into Dr.Azul’s office I was greeted with a warm smile. Which means so much these days!
Once in the room, Dr.Azul walked in. He was very calm. He explained the procedure to my husband and I. Asked us if we had any questions, & he answered all our questions very thoroughly. We didn’t feel rushed at all. He was so very patient.
Ms.Judy has been there to answer any question/ concerns that I had throughout this whole journey. Even after my surgery I had a concern, I called Judy after hours might I add. She calmly instructed me on what to do, and assured me that I was just fine.
Dr.Azul did a phenomenal job on my abdominoplasty. I look & feel amazing!
As my bandages were being removed I began to cry. Just being able to see my feet after 16yrs when I looked down, was just so overwhelming. I love the way I look now in my clothes! Not to mention how I look without, lol My husband is also very pleased!
Thank you Dr.Azul!!

J Crawford

J Crawford

5 Star RatingIf you are looking for a plastic surgeon, your search is over. Let me tell you about Dr. Jaffer. My 41 year old breast implants had started leaking, and recently finally ruptured. After 7 years of searching, Dr. Jaffer was the only plastic surgeon who would come to my aid.
Even though he has a busy practice, he and his staff made me feel as though I were the most important person in the world. He gave me his word that he would help me, and did he ever!
Without him, I know with every fiber of my being that I would not have celebrated my next birthday.
I know in my heart that God put Dr. Jaffer in my life so that I could have a meaningful life once again.
I have a new lease on life all because of a gifted and talented surgeon, Dr. Azul Jaffer.

Bless you on your journey
Eternally grateful
J Crawford


Arricka Griffin

5 Star RatingWhat can I say Dr. Azul and his team are awesome. He performed a breast reduction and lift on me. I have been suffering with back pain for years that had gotten worst over last few years after having two babies. You really don’t feel like a patient when you go to his office they treat you like family. Ms. Judy Dr. Azul assistance is so nice informative and his secretary Jessica that answers the phone is very polite and efficient she always answers the phone and gets right back to you. During my experience I would call if I was in pain or had any concerns and they would get me right in for an appointment. My breast look great and if feel great. Still recovering and they continue to check up on me and make sure if I need anything ;also I had never heard of the hospital that the surgery was at because I don’t live in the area, so I was a little hesitant, but the nurses and staff there were good. Trust me I know I am a nurse myself. Dr. Azul has great bedside manner. I have worked with surgeons in the past he is confident ,but not cocky he also has skills which makes a great surgeon.

Donna Moore

Donna Moore

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is a brilliant, skilled surgeon, the best. I highly recommend him and am thrilled with the results of my facelift. He is patient and caring and listened to all my concerns and goals. He and his staff treated me like family. Judy, his Office Manager, is a dream. She is organized, efficient, and caring. She called me several times after hours checking in on me and gave me her private number for any concerns. I am 13 days post op and am convinced because of Dr. Jaffer’s highly skilled hands is the reason I had little bruising and swelling. I am 57 years old and I have the face I had in my early 40’s. I couldn’t be happier! Thank You Dr Jaffer! You are the best!


Amy Hartner

5 Star RatingDr. jaffer and His staff are Amazing!!! Very welcoming and helpful. He is THE BEST plastic surgeon in the world. Trust me.
I had saline implants done in 2008 with another DR. Never really loved them. But after pregnancy and breast feeding my husband and I thought it was time for a upgrade and tummy tuck. Like a Mommy Make over thing.
I gained 50-60lbs during my pregnancy.
Lost most of that but ended up gaining some of it back over the years.
I did almost every diet and diet pill,
I was gym junkie, competed In OCR Races . I Watch many of my gym friends get completely tone from head to toe never myself. Having a gut or love handles would never leave.
I would suck in nearly all the time or wore spanx with everything. That’s no way to live.
Dr. Jaffer was so Honest with me. He completely told me my breast are still Purkey and good. If it’s not broken then don’t fix it… Don’t change them… maybe way later on.
But Let’s focus on tummy tuck.
My husband and I were stunned on his honesty literally What dr. Tells you to wait on something if you don’t need it….. Not many!
Sometimes dieting and exercise is just not enough. Stubborn fat & loose skin require surgery to remove it.
Tummy Tuck is the best decision I have ever made.. Dr. Jaffer is such a perfectionist it’s unreal, you can totally tell every time you look at yourself. All I can do is look at myself and say is WOW. No gym or diet could have ever done this.
I am going on 6weeks since surgery within immediately after 1 week i felt completely back to normal. I have heard all the horrible stories of many people telling me about post surgery.
I have walked 3miles aday 3x a week for the past month now. I have rode bikes with my son and have attend ever spring season baseball game without anyone knowing that I just had major surgery. Swelling seems to go down more and more everyday.
I am so excited for my end results!!!!!
Ladies you are worth it! I promise you wont be disappointed!!!

Kayy Pee

Kayy Pee

5 Star RatingAwesome If I Need Anything Else Done I Will Most Definitely Go Back To Dr Jaffer

Na Mel

Na Mel

5 Star RatingI have high expectations and Dr. Jaffer and his team exceeded my expectations. The service was impeccable and extremely easy-going. Dr. Jaffer is very humble and serious about his craft and workmanship and I appreciate that so much, because I will be a reflection of his work for the rest of my life. Judy, his Office Manager, is God-sent, as she truly knows the ins and out of each step of the journey and greatly eases all anxieties. Judy compliments Dr. Jaffer extremely well, they are in fact a “dynamic duo”. AZUL PLASTIC SURGERY IS TOP-NOTCH SERVICE WITH PROVEN RESULTS!



5 Star RatingI’m extremely happy with the results from my surgery (6 weeks ago). I did considerable research before setting an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Jaffer. Two things made my decision easy to make, first, the many great reviews that Dr. Jaffer and his staff have received, and second, seeing that the reviews were true when I went in for my consultation appointment. I was immediately comfortable with Dr. Jaffer and Judy is an angel. I asked plenty of questions and received the straight forward answers that I expected. I would highly recommend Dr. Jaffer to anyone who was looking to correct or improve their appearance.


Tara Moulder

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is amazing! I suffered for over 20 years with migraines and thanks to Dr. Jaffer I don’t have to suffer like that anymore. My quality of life has improved so dramatically.


Jennifer Reyes

5 Star RatingFrom my initial consultation to my surgery to all my follow up appointments, Dr. Jaffer and Judy have been phenomenal. They are 100% there for you through everything (and I mean everything) every concern, every question, every little thing!

I went in for breast augmentation, I had always wanted to do it, but had been too scared to. Dr. Jaffer made me feel so at ease on the day of my surgery, even joked around a little with me to put me more at ease since I had never been under anesthesia, and was visibly nervous. I really appreciated that he made me feel comfortable, and confident that I would be ok.

I am now 4 months post op and I love my results! And I love that I chose Dr. Jaffer, he is skilled, talented, and very courteous and professional. He truly makes you feel cared for and really listens to what you have say. I can definitely see now why he has such positive reviews, and that is because he cares about making his patients happy. I know that in the future if I ever need anything else, Azul plastic surgery is absolutely where I will go. And I have recommended them to family and friends already. Also I feel I must give a huge shout out to Judy because she is absolutely amazing and awesome and wonderful. She is so kind, funny, and very knowledgeable. She just has a great personality and she is on top of everything, and makes you feel like family and number one priority. I can’t say enough good things because I just feel I was taken care of so well, and I am so grateful. 🙂


Kristyn Booth

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is an amazing doctor and his staff is the best! I originally planned on consulting with three different surgeons before making my decision but after the first meeting I realized I didn’t need to look any further. I appreciate how Dr. Jaffer takes his time to explain the details. As someone who has been thinking about getting this procedure for years, he and his staff put me at ease within the first few minutes of my consultation. I also appreciate how he is very patient oriented. He wants what’s best for the patient and most of all what will look natural on the patient. Lastly, he has great bedside manner which is very important to me. So far I am beyond pleased with the results and his staff has provided excellent customer service. They have been with me every step of the way and are alway available.

Narmin Mukhida

SNarmin Mukhida

5 Star RatingThank you doctor jaffer, i would like take this time and post a review for dr jaffer what he has done is amazing i had a big keloid in my ear he did the surgery for me and now its gone and now its been almost 7months and he has been taking care of me with the follow ups and as he promised me in my 1st visit after the surgery he will still keep up with the follow ups of no charge for as long as i want and I want to thank every one from their staff who are so nice everytime i go there judy and jessica are so friendly and welcoming all the time…highly recommended for all who are in search of a good, professional, friendly and honest doctor.


Lucia Cuero

5 Star RatingLet me start off by saying everything happens for a reason!!!!
On Feb 23 I had breast reduction surgery with Dr. Jaffer the week before that I went to my pre-op appointment Dr. Jaffer and Mrs. Judy (Dr. Jaffer assistant) went over everything answered all my questions Mrs. Judy gave me her cell phone number and told me to call her if I needed anything. My first day after surgery the pain killers did not work so my husband called Mrs. Judy and she was just so nice and fixed the problem by informing Dr. Jaffer and prescribing me some stronger meds. Dr.Jaffer is just AMAZING I am only 2 weeks PO and I already love my boobs I cant wait to see the final outcome I would recommend Dr. Jaffer to anyone you are truly treated like family here and Mrs. Judy OMG Mrs. Judy she is just AWESOME I just love every bit of her She is beautiful inside and out she has called me to check up on me several times. Azul Plastic surgery is everything a patient would want Professional no long wait times the staff the doctor the office is very clean I have 0 complains. I am just so happy that I was blessed with such an AMAZING Doctor and his staff and of course Mrs. Judy.


Victoria Lewis

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer and his staff are probably the best in town. My procedure was extremely successful and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Jaffer is wonderful and really cares about all of his patients individually. I would recommend Azul Plastic Surgery to everyone I know.


Angie Mercado

5 Star RatingDr Jaffer and his staff are AWESOME!!! On February 2, 2017 I had a Tummy Tuck. I was hesitant to do the procedure due to feedback from friends and family members as well as research on the Internet that this procedure was very painful. After visiting a few plastic surgeons I decided not to do the procedure. However when I visit my primary doctor he highly recommend Dr Jaffer and I decided to call his office to make an appointment .

As soon as I spoke to Judy over the phone I felt secure and confident and when I met Dr Jaffer I knew that I was making the right choice.

My experience has been great and pain was minimal, I only had three pain killer and only for precaution.

Even though I do not have the final product yet, I am very please with the results so far.

I highly recommend Dr Jaffer.


Ms Petite Lady

5 Star RatingI initially contacted Dr. Jaffer because I was self conscious about the size and shape of my nose. Dr. Jaffer and his staff are professional, comforting and extremely kind.
During the initial consultation, Dr. Jaffer took the time to explain the process, and I immediately knew that he was going to be my doctor.
Ms. Judy sat with Dr. Jaffer during the consultation, and she provided excellent support before and after the surgery.
On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain level was NEGATIVE 5. I am 1000% satisfied with the result.

My nose is BEAUTIFUL, and I feel confident in the dating scene for the first time.


Bryan Steve

5 Star Ratingdr. Jaffer is an excelent, and with great attidue and very confidence with surgery skills. Am thanksfull with his help and support


Anika Elizabeth

5 Star RatingDr. Azul and assistant Judy are Awesome!! The experience was great from beginning to end, they are funny too. A big THANK YOU. For reasonable cost and making my tummy tuck and liposuction look so good!! Highly recommended.!!!



Summer K

5 Star RatingI did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews for breast augmentation and found Dr. Jaffer! The reason why I chose Dr. Jaffer based on his reviews and pictures ( before and after) on his website.

The first time I met him, I thought he was a very honest trustworthy person. Dr. Jaffer and Judy made me feel very comfortable. However, he did prepare me for the worst incision based on different body type, etc. which scared me but I was ready!

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago, and I was so happy when I found out my incision was very small and below my breast. So far I am loving the result. Make sure to Ask a lot of question even if they sound ridiculous


Nicole Hoshino

5 Star RatingDr.Jaffer was incredibly helpful through the entire process. My boyfriend went in for his procedure last week and is already feeling 100% All of the staff especially Judy we’re so sweet and incredibly helpful throughth the process. I was thinking about going to LA for my breast augmentation but now I’m really sure I’m going with Dr.Jaffer here here in town, he was very thorough in explaining the procedure to us. I really appreciated his honesty and the mutual respect through the whole process. I would definitely recommend him and his staff!



5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is absolutely the best!!! Dr. Jaffer is very professional, patient, a very gifted surgeon, and really takes the time to understand your goals.

No matter what I tried, diet and exercised; I could not get my stomach flat. I am in excellent health and exercise on a regular basis; but just could not tone the stomach. I know my skin was stretched during a surgery when I was about 40 years old and it was never addressed.

During the preoperative consultation, Dr. Jaffer took the time to learn what were my expectations of the procedure; he listened to what I had to say while giving me a thorough physical examination; post-surgery provided me with a customized treatment that took into account my specific goals, rather than performing a one-size-fits all procedure. Now 60 years old, my stomach is now tight and beautiful; it has been just four weeks since my surgery and I look amazing.

Each time I have had a follow up appointment; I was not rushed or shuffled in and out! My appointments are personalized; Dr. Jaffer and his staff are very friendly, caring, professional, and compassionate.

Able to return to work with light duty (no lifting) at four weeks; my incision is healing beautifully; recommend the silicone gel tape for the scar and keloids prevention and Arnica-Montana 30X HPUS; to reduce bruising and swelling.

I could not be happier with my results! I truly love my new look and I look amazing in my clothes now; two dress sizes smaller already!!! Needless to say my husband loves it too! Dr. Azul Jaffer is a “stellar surgeon!”

The review only allows for five stars, but I would rate Dr. Jaffer “ten stars” for the amazing results of my new body!

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jaffer without any reservations!!!


Susan Conduff

5 Star RatingLast October (2016) I had breast reduction surgery. Even though I am in good health, I was hesitant to have the procedure done because of my age, 66 yrs old.
I decided to go ahead with the surgery and I’m so glad I did! My recovery has gone well and my smaller breast look great. It is such a relief not to have the weight of large breast pulling on my back and shoulders any longer. Dr. Jaffer did a great job and I am very pleased with the results. Dr. Jaffer has a very calm demeanor which I find reassuring and he and his assistant, Judy, are very helpful in answering all questions.


Angela Walace

5 Star RatingIt has been six month since Dr. Jaffer done my Breast Reduction surgery in August. I am beyond satisfied with the results, including my current breast size, their new shape and position. My bra size went down from a 46 DDD, to a 42 B:). Now, I am able to wear shirts two sizes smaller, and those annoying shoulder groves from my bra straps are gone. My mobility has increased, where I actually look forward to and enjoy physical activities. Since my surgery, all of my family & friends notice a difference in my appearance, and commends me on how good I look!!! Each day, I fall more & more in love with my breast, and still in awe at the perfection of Dr. Jaffers work.
I was a little saddened when I graduated from Dr. Jaffers care, due to his gentle and caring nature. But rest assured I am planning to return in the near future for another cosmetic procedure!!! Thank you Dr. Jaffer, Ms. Judy and all of the staff at Azul Plastic surgery!

Mrs. Nixon

Mrs. Nixon

5 Star RatingDr . Jaffer, I want to Thank you. My first appointment you were awesome and every appointment after that you were amazing. Judy is an awesome side kick. She was so helpful with everything and was always on top of it. The day of my surgery you made me feel so great even though I was a little nervous. You picked an awesome staff. Thank you again.

Wanda P.

Janice Perry

Janice Perry

5 Star RatingI personally highly recommend dr. Jaffer

nada sabir

nada sabir

5 Star RatingI had an excellent experience at Azul Plastic Surgery. The staff especially Judy and doctor himself were always available to answer any questions I had. Dr. Jaffer gave me very natural results for the procedure I got just like I wanted. I was back to normal routine within the first few days of my surgery. The pain meds he prescribed, used it for the first two days and after that I didn’t need them anymore. So far it’s been a positive experience and hopefully it will stay as that.

Selene Reyes

Selene Reyes

5 Star RatingI had an AMAZING experience with Dr. Jeffer and ALL his staff. I LOVE my results and its only been 2 weeks since my procedure! Judy was very supportive through the entire process! Dr. Jeffer explains everything very clearly. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeffer!

Mercy Sleiman

Mercy Sleiman

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer and his staff are awesome! I was referred by a co-worker and I know I made the right choice using him for my tummy tuck. His staff made me feel welcome from the beginning. I have been very comfortable with Dr. Jaffer and felt I was treated with dignity and respect throughout the process. I am happy with my results. I highly recommend Dr. Jaffer for his services.


Diana Christine Flynt

5 Star RatingFriendly staff and Dr. Azul was very kind and patient. I just got a couple moles removed from my face but I was nervous about the procedure and potential scarring since one was very close to my eye! He called me personally to address them and made me feel comfortable. Scars are still healing but so far they look great!


Heather Schroeder

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer and his staff are absolutely fantastic! From the first time we stepped into the office they have been nothing but professional and considerate.

My husband sustained a very serious injury to his hand and we were very scared of what was going to happen. His finger was cut all the way down to the bone and the skin was completely shredded.

Dr. Jaffer happened to be the on call physician the night the injury happened (late on a Friday night of all times) and after speaking with the Dr. at the emergency center, Dr. Jaffer wanted to make sure my husband saw him first thing that following Monday.

He does not run clinic on Mondays so he kindly came back to his office after a long day of surgeries to see my husband. After carefully assessing the situation he wanted to get my husband into surgery the very next morning. This really meant a lot to both myself and my husband since we were so worried about infection and loss of a finger. We weren’t put on a schedule or given the run around, they handled the situation quickly and he was in surgery the next day.

We are now a little over a month out from my husband’s injury and it is absolutely amazing the progress his finger has made! The odds were definitely stacked against him for a proper healing without complications, but the finger is healing wonderfully. Dr. Jaffer truly knows what he is doing and knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to have handled this situation. He has also met with my husband every week since the surgery to check and make sure everything has been healing properly and making sure there haven’t been any problems.

We are very thankful for Dr. Jaffer’s skill, knowledge and expertise in this emergency type situation and we would use Dr. Jaffer again in a heartbeat!


Dolores Ridout

5 Star RatingI had an extremely positive experience from the beginning with Azul Plastic Surgery. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly and Dr. Jaffer is meticulous and very caring. He received many high recommendations from other professionals who work in the medical field.

Pain from the surgery was minimal and there are no visible scars. I am so please with the results.


Johana Cole

5 Star RatingI’m so happy that I chose Dr. Jaffer for my procedure! Although I do not have my full results yet I can already see great improvement. He truly is an artist! Judy and Jessica are also very helpful! I highly recommend Dr. Jaffer and his staff, you will feel like family (:


Cletiane Santana

5 Star RatingMy experience with Dr. Jaffer was beyond what i expected. He is not just a plastic surgeon but an artist. He works in the most minimal details to active perfection, can’t forget to mention his friendly staff that is always ready to answer any questions you might have. Im so please with my choice, could not have been better. Love my results.


Sherif Kholy

5 Star RatingI had a huge pilonidal cyst in my lower back which was needed to be excised so that I’d have an open wound 5 in long/3 in wide/2 in depth which would take at least 3-6 months after the surgery to heal. However, Dr Jaffer had another thought about my case as he cleverly closed the wound in a very professional manner as if there was no wound in that area and it only took less a month to heal. I can just say that my experience with him was just perfect and the staff at the clinic was so friendly.


Ressa Nixon

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is amazing! He was very kind and professional, and I love how comfortable he made me with the procedure I needed to have done. Dr. Jaffer was very patient and accommodating, and truly gifted at his craft. In speaking with him about my procedure it felt more like a conversation rather than a lot of medical jargon that I couldn’t understand. If you are in need of any plastic surgery and looking for a doctor, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jaffer! You will not be disappointed.

Meng Zhu

Meng Zhu

5 Star RatingGreat Doctor! My first Sugrey and I love the result!


pennie jackson

5 Star RatingI am not one who would write a review but I just couldn’t be silent this time around. I had a tummy tuck/Liposurgery performed approximately 2 years ago by a plastic surgeron I care not to mention and I healed disasterly. There was a debriefing performed which didn’t fix the issue and that ugly long deformed scar that reached from one side of my waist to the other left me shame and unable to wear clothes that I originally got the surgery done for in the first place.

I suffered with a fat pack (that’s what I called it) in my abdominal area that was suppose to be removed during my surgery procedure but wasn’t. In fact I was told I would have do some Cardio in order for that fatty area to go away. Unbelievable! There was also 2 notches on my sides which was explained to me as tiddes and I was told, sometime that’s how some people heal. These tiddies were noticeable even thru my underware, how embarrassing and unattractive sexually.

I heard about Dr. Azul and decided to see if he was for real or just another plastic surgeon that will tell you what you want to hear just to get your business.

I found Dr. Azul was very sincere and serious about his work as a plastic surgeon. He listened to what you had to say and truly had a genuine understanding of your fears, concerns, distrust etc. Dr. Azul not only eased my stress but I was able to see how passionate he is about his artistic ability to get the results you are expecting. He actually let his work speak for itself.

I had a lipoadominalplasty done approximately 1week ago and I simply can’t put into words how estastic I am. I cried when I came home and said thank you. That ugly scar I carried around on my body for 2 years gone, that fat pack gone, tiddies gone.!

I can only tell you from personal experience Dr. Azul is a God send in every aspect of the word. It was very difficult for me to trust a Dr. To touch my body again but I would without hesitation allow Dr. Azul to perform any work needed on my body. Thank you not only to Dr.Azul but to his staff and especially Judy, you have a good adhesive group that go the extra mile no matter what. That is something rare and geniune that you don’t run across anymore especially with the way times have changed. That’s what we call: “Good ol’ fashion Care.”

Pamela Speed

Pamela Speed

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is heaven sent. After only one week post op I am extremely excited about my breast. They are now the perfect size for my body type. He and his staff were very professional. Judy is the best at explaining the procedure and getting me excited about the surgery. I went in on September 14 2016 received my approval from the insurance company by September 20. Scheduled procedure for October 20. Theyou made the process effortless and I would definitely recommend this doctor to anyone looking to get plastic surgery. I will return to possibly get somega fat transferred and a tummy tuck in the near future.

Jen Bower

Jen Bower

5 Star RatingI LOVE MY BOOBS!!!! I had a breast reduction from an H cup to a D cup with a lift. Dr. Jaffers is amazing. He is approachable, caring, intelligent and has great bedside manner. His staff is truely top notch and willing to go the extra mile. I can’t wait to go back for my tummy tuck!


J Ward

5 Star RatingI got a procedure done with Dr. Jaffer and I am totally satisfied with my results. He’s patient and will take the time to make sure you are healthy and ready for your procedure. If you have been trying to decide where you want to get your procedure done, please start with Dr. Jaffer. His staff is very nice and always there if you have a question or concern. I recently heard him advertising on 102.1 and this is where you should start if you want to make a change.


amber gipson

5 Star RatingI am so happy with my new body! i had a breast lift + Implant performed by Dr. Jaffer. Once i meet the staff at Azul plastic Surgery i felt so extremely comfortable. Judy is amazing, she answered all of my many questions and made the process really easy for me. Most importantly i felt so cared for and important. I feel so much better about myself, thank you so much Dr. Jaffer for bringing my confidence back!


Marie H

5 Star RatingDr Jaffer is extremely skillful, and gifted. Beyond pleased with outcome. His gift can be compared to artistry.


D Morton

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer met every one of my expectations in a plastic surgeon. He and his staff are both friendly and professional. He explained my procedure and answered all questions thoroughly. I’m more than satisfied with my results and highly recommend Azul Plastic Surgery to anyone searching for a doctor in the Houston/Sugar Land area.


Nathan McDuell

5 Star RatingWhile searching for a doctor to perform my tummy tuck, I found Dr. Jaffer and I could not have selected a better doctor. Dr. Jaffer was both professional and caring. He answered all of my questions and took the time to make sure I was completely comfortable the procedure prior to scheduling. When the insurance company refused to cover my procedure, he and his staff worked with me to make it happen.

All of my expectations were met and 3 months post surgery, I am 150% pleased with my results. I look good and I can’t thank Dr. Jaffer and his staff enough. There were many follow up appointments and he monitored my progress from start to finish.

I cant say enough about my experience and would highly recommend Dr. Jaffer to anyone seeking a caring professional to perform a complicated procedure. You can’t go wrong with this professional and his awesome staff!

Adelina B.
Pearland, TX

Eric Henry

Eric Henry

5 Star RatingI had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jaffer and his staff in July 2016 after an extensive injury that landed my in the hospital for a number of months.

Dr. Jaffer came highly recommended by my Podiatrist as the person best suited to graft an injury that left an open wound sustained on my lower leg and foot.

Dr. Jaffer took his time and explained the procedure that he would be performing from beginning to end and answered all of my questions concerning my health and recovery. He and his staff were very professional and kept me abreast of appointments and made my follow up as convenient as possible. He has a very friendly and personable staff that keeps business in order.

The end result was better than I could have ever hoped for looking back on where I began. I was able to follow Dr. Jaffer’s orders concerning my restrictions and care as I healed and I returned to work much earlier than anticipated.

I have nothing but Good words and the warmest appreciation for this group of medical professionals. Thanks for a job well done!!


E. Henry


geneva zeno

5 Star RatingOut of all my years of visiting doctors for health or cosmetics. Dr.Azul Jaffer was a heaven sent. He truly knows his practice and makes you feel assured when dealing with your surgery. He goes above and beyond then what he is expected to do. He makes you feel like you known him forever that’s how patient and courteous he is. If you work with him, he will work with you.

There is no concern to small or to big that he will not walk you through. Dr. Azul and his wonderful staff will assure with whatever your concerns might be. The staff is wonderful! They are very considered and patient.The whole office does their jobs extremely well. As far as the surgery procedure Dr. Azul takes his and makes sure that everything is the way its supposed to be. He will take longer the what he says just to make sure you are safe, and your results are achieved.
For example, I thought one of my drainage tubes were damage, and I was loosing my mind. I called for Dr. Azul at 2 am. He responded at 2:10. It was as if he was right by my side answering and comforting all my outrageous questions.

If you worry with any financial or insurance issues Ms. Judy Riley will go out of her way to help you. No matter what you are worried with, she will assure you with her famous quote ” Everything will be fine.” If you hear this quote, literally, everything will go fine. She knows what she’s talking about. Believe me.

And post surgery when its was time to remove the drainage tubes. I was of course scared, nerves, etc. But if you notice what I’ve been saying the staff and Dr. Azul made it a smooth and stress free process. I can not express enough of how professional and wonderful this staff was. Please go visit them for any of your plastic surgery needs!

theswag gamer

theswag gamer

5 Star RatingI had a panniculectomy, tummy tuck and liposuction with Dr Jaffer. He and his staff are simply amazing. After losing 65 lbs, I had lots of loose tummy skin. I am so happy with my results. If I ever decide to do additional work, I’ll definitely be going back to him!!!


Tracy Baranzyk

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is wonderful! He is personable, approachable, compassionate and makes you feel very comfortable. He carefully listens to my needs to make sure he achieves the natural look I want. As an anxious patient, he really takes the time to make me feel at ease during my appointments. Dr. Jaffer, Judy and the rest of his staff always have a genuine interest in every patient and I would highly recommend Azul Plastic Surgery!


Robin Griffin

5 Star RatingI was very pleased with my proceedure and I am looking into getting more work done. Very professional office and I would highly recommended Dr. Jaffer to everyone I know.


Diana Wright

5 Star RatingFor years, I have been embarrassed and self-conscience by my large bust size. Dr. Jaffer listened to me and knew exactly of my expectations and gave me the results I want. He is so professional and expert in his field. I am so glad I contacted him!

Dr Jaffer and his staff are so kind, understanding, and professional. I can’t say enough good things about him and his staff!

I have loved working with him and would definitely recommend him to my friends.

Adrian Arroyos

Adrian Arroyos

5 Star RatingAfter my daughter was tripped at a high school track & field meet, she was seen by a primary care doctor and dermatologist for some pretty serious facial abrasions. They told us she would heal fine, but that we’d have to “wait and see” if there was permanent scarring.

Unsatisfied with that approach, we called Azul Plastic Surgery and she saw Dr. Jaffer. Immediately, we understood that healing and appearance are equally important to him, and he took charge of her treatment. His bedside manner is impeccable, and we could see why people mention in every review that they love his personality and caring nature. Six months later, she looks great and we’re thankful for everything he did. His entire staff has been incredible and I recommend them highly. Even if you’re already considering another plastic surgeon, it’s worth your time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jaffer…you won’t regret it.


Tess Veneracion

5 Star RatingMy results are wonderful! Judy, Jessica and Dr. Jaffer provided the best patient experience. He is extremely honest and took his take with my procedure. He’s a bit more expensive than other plastic surgeons but his skill was certainly worth the additional expense. I would highly recommend.



5 Star RatingIt is great doctors like yourself that make miracles happen. I am so pleased with my results.


Barbara Norman

5 Star RatingDr. Azul Jaffer & his staff gave me excellent care before my surgery and continue to answer and attend to any questions I have regarding my recovery. Not having any knowledge of how I was suppose to feel after having the surgery I placed many calls to Dr. Azul & his staff with questions regarding what I was experiencing and they were patient with me and answered my questions in a way that a patient could understand and then they followed up with me.

Looking at me you would not know I had surgery there are no visible scars. This was a serious surgery as is any surgery but I followed Dr. Azul instructions and I m doing great! Choosing the right doctor was most important to me, I am glad I chose Dr. Azul.

It has been 3 months since my surgery and I am so glad I did it. I look good and feel good. Thank you Dr. Azul Jaffer!


Sanjana D

5 Star RatingOn the recommendation of my friend, I went to Azul Plastic Surgery and I am very pleased with my experience there. Dr. Jaffer is a thorough professional and an amazing person. He explained the process patiently and was honest in his recommendation. Dr. Jaffer’s skill made the procedure painless. His staff is amazing and together they ensured I had one of the best medical experience of my life.


Denise Sedlock

5 Star RatingA co-worker recommended Dr. Jaffers to me. I had three different procedures done and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I have already recommended him to several other people who are considering having something done. Thanks Dr. Jaffers!!!

Angela Wallace

Angela Wallace

5 Star RatingI highly recommend Azul Plastic Surgery to anyone considering having a cosmetic procedure done!! Dr. Jaffer is a caring surgeon, who assures quality and desired results through effective communication with his patients. Three physician offices denied my case for a breast reduction, before Dr. Jaffer and his staff got my case approved through my insurance provider; two weeks after my initial consultation. He & his staff, were very timely in scheduling surgery, onto coordinating all pre-op and post-op appointments. It has been two weeks since I had my breast reduction surgery, and I am beyond pleased with the results. My experience has been wonderful, and I am grateful for Dr. Jaffer. I now have my confidence back thanks to him.


Liz Batts

5 Star RatingI recently had a tummy tuck done and would like to share my experience pre- and post surgery. During a consultation Dr. Azul was very thorough to explain the procedure before surgery and with effective illustrations. His office team were also helpful to educate me if additional questions or concerns surfaced. After surgery, Dr. Azul demonstrated very good bedside manners and a list of patient expectations to ensure proper healing. I, unfortunately, did not comply with all of the expectation do’s and dont’s and consequently delayed my healing by a couple of weeks. The temptation for single mother’s, and maybe all mothers, is to get up too quickly because of the independence we carry with us from day-to-day, but I would encourage you to follow the healing guidelines suggested so you will benefit the most and be back on your feet as soon as possible. Dr. Azul also did a great job on my body, and I am well pleased. I have already recommended that others consider him to be their doctor too.


D Wilkson

5 Star RatingI am so glad I went with dr. Jaffer for my tummy tuck. I visited few other plastic surgeons in the area. Dr Jaffer has a great bedside manners. He answered all my million questions before the surgery 😊 I am 1 month post op and I look amazing. Very happy with my results. I am already recommending dr. Jaffer to all my friends and family. His staff is amazing, always available and happy to help. Dr. Jaffer Thank you again for giving me my self confidence back with your amazing artistic skills. He deserves million stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Virginia Campos

virginia campos

5 Star RatingThank you Dr. Jaffer you are truly an amazing surgeon and would recommend you to anyone wanting a TT. You were able to get my insurance to approve most of the cost and made everything smooth for me and my husband. The staff is also amazing! Thank you, I am satisfied and will be seeing again soon.

Drew Dean

Drew Dean

5 Star RatingVery professional, polite, and quick.


K Juul

5 Star RatingMy experience has been great. I am almost two weeks post-op and very satisfied with my results. All of the staff have been very professional and helpful. Dr. Jaffer is kind, gentle and listens to what you have to say. I can’t wait to see my final results as I continue to heal!


Barbara Norman

5 Star RatingDr. Azul Jaffer & his staff gave me excellent care before my surgery and continue to answer and attend to any questions I have regarding my recovery. Not having any knowledge of how I was suppose to feel after having the surgery I placed many calls to Dr. Azul & his staff with questions regarding what I was experiencing and they were patient with me and answered my questions in a way that a patient could understand and then they followed up with me.

Just looking at me you would not know I had surgery there are no visible scars. This was a serious surgery as is any surgery but I followed Dr. Azul instructions and I am doing great! Choosing the right doctor was most important to me, I am glad I chose Dr. Azul.

It has been 3 months since my surgery and I am so glad I did it. I look good and feel good. Thank you Dr. Azul Jaffer!


C Sims

5 Star Rating“In October of 2015, I walked into Azul Plastic Surgery as an apprehensive potential patient; yet, I walked out of my initial consult feeling very confident I had made the right choice in going to see Dr. Jaffer. He and his entire staff are phenomenal! I spent a year researching and visiting several doctors in the Houston-Sugar land area and could NOT find one who was as knowledgeable, considerate and compassionate as Dr. Jaffer. There were many doctors who was willing to quickly accept my money with little to no regard for the final success of my abdominoplasty procedure. Conversely, Dr. Jaffer offered sound medical advice as to why it was in my best interest to lose the excess weight prior to having my procedure. I must admit I was somewhat slighted at first. Nonetheless, as I continued researching I quickly learned he was right! Sadly, out of all the doctors I had consulted with, Dr. Jaffer was the only one who had the God given intellect to speak candidly and honest with me. I knew for sure he was the doctor to trust. Accordingly, he and his gracious staff guided me to achieve my prospective weight over about a six month period. No quick fads or harsh chemicals…true medical advice and guidance is what they offered me. In time, I met the desired weight and as a result received maximum results from my abdominoplasty surgery in June of 2016! Dr. Jaffer is one of Houston’s, Sugar Land’s, Richmond’s and Rosenberg’s best kept secrets! I am now five weeks post op and look FABULOUS!!! I am so pleased and HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jaffer to the most skeptical patient. I guarantee your cynicism will dissipate quickly. He is the absolute hands down best! If you are looking for a Dr. who truly and genuinely cares about his patience’s Dr. Jaffer is definitely the doctor to see. If you want life changing results with meticulous care Dr. Jaffer is your doctor. He is now not only my doctor but a dear and trusting friend. Don’t delay or waste any more time reading reviews go see him for yourself. I guarantee you will be blown away.”

David Carlson

David Carlson

5 Star RatingI am very pleased with my results and overall experience with Dr. Jaffer and his staff. They are diligent, courteous, and professional. I would recommend this practice.

Norma Montiel

norma montiel

5 Star Rating


S Sm

5 Star RatingI knew that it was time to replace my implants so I started asking friends if they knew a good plastic surgeon. My neighbor recommended Dr. Jaffer. When I met him, I knew he was the right surgeon for me. I didn’t look any further after my visit with him. I made the choice to have the surgery with him. It has been over a month now since my surgery. My recovery was fast and the result is amazing! Dr. Jaffer and his team made this experience a positive one. Thank you Dr. Jaffer for giving me the results that I was looking for!


C Washington

5 Star RatingDr Azul and His staff is amazing they are so nice and was very helpful to me I had my surgery 2 weeks ago and I am very satisfied and happy with my results. I wanted a breast reduction for over 5 years now. So when I decided I chose Dr Azul that was the best decision I made. I am very pleased and excited! If you are looking for a great surgeon he is your guy!


Cd d

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is AWESOME!! He has a great Bed-Side manner, and really is a Perfectionist. He listens to his patients, and really is concerned about making you happy, with Great Results. He has a great supportive Professional Staff, (Front Desk – Back Office) that makes it that much better. I can only say, I am Extremely Happy, with my Results, and will refer him to all!! He deserves a MILLION STARS!!!


Kat Nutt

5 Star RatingThe care and detail that I received with Dr. Jaffer and his team was off the charts. I had wanted to have breast augmentation and a reduction for years. While I have known he was the best, I still did my due diligence looking at other surgeons so that I had other opinions. It did not take me long to figure out that my past experience proved right, I scheduled my surgery and didn’t look back. I had a first class experience from appointment to post op. Dr. Jaffer is an artist, his detail and conviction for his work product is unparalleled in the business. It has been 1 month and I have to say the scaring is minimal, I feel exceptional and will be back again when I am ready to pursue my next surgery.

Kasen Kurtz

Kasen Kurtz

5 Star RatingWhere do I begin??? Dr. Jaffer has changed my life! I asked my neighbor for her plastic surgeon and she gave me Dr. Jaffer’s name and number…I’m so glad I asked her! He is truly an amazing surgeon and you can tell he LOVES what he does! I went for a breast reduction and lift…and I feel like I came out of surgery as a whole new lady! I’m only two weeks post op, however I feel like a million bucks and couldn’t thank him enough! Dr. Jaffer, Judy and staff have been so awesome and I would recommend him in a heartbeat! So if you’re looking for the best, I found him for you! Thank you again Dr. Jaffer!


Deb Colon

5 Star RatingI searched long and hard before deciding to ask Dr. Jaffer to complete my breast reduction and lift. From the minute I walked into the office, I felt completely at ease. I asked hundreds of questions and Dr. Jaffer and each member of his team made me feel like I was their only patient. (Thank you JUDY for listening to all of my concerns and answering all those questions!) I am two weeks post surgery and I am SO delighted with my results. Dr. Jaffer is truly a master at what he does. I would highly recommend him as your surgeon! GO for it! You’ll love the results!!!


Alice Coleman

5 Star RatingIf you are looking to have any plastic surgery done; this is the Doctor to go see. I went to two consultations with other surgeons and found them to be very pricey. I was referred to Dr. Jaffer by a coworker . There were many things that I did not need to have done which resulted in the pricing being a lot more reasonable. Dr. Jaffer is very upfront, honest, and trustworthy. My surgery was scheduled and conducted perfectly! The entire staff is WONDERFUL ; always polite and accommodating. Dr. Jaffer and Judy were AWESOME. Judy is a Wiz at helping to find financing options if needed and a sweetheart with supporting me through the entire process. I always feel prioritized and among people I can trust with my well-being. I am 3 weeks post surgery and look absolutely fabulous even though I am still in the healing process. Azul Plastic Surgery is the place to go with and you can not beat their pricing. I’m working on an educator’s budget and was able to have my work done. You will not be sorry with Dr. Jaffer, Judy, and the entire staff at Azul!!! They truly are a blessing!! 5 Stars are not enough.


R Henley

5 Star RatingThe entire experience was fantastic; from initial consultation to followup aftercare. Office staff friendly and considerate. The hospital experience was more spa-like than hospital-like. Very pleased. Highly recommended.



5 Star RatingI am a college student at the University of Houston who had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Jaffer over the past couple of years. Aside from being technically gifted and an honest person, Azul Jaffer is a paragon of kindness. There are very few health professionals, if any, who demonstrate the level of care and attention for patients such as Dr. Jaffer. Overall, he is a great doctor, mentor and a best friend.


Brittany Mcmiller

5 Star RatingSuper happy with my results can’t wait until I heal 100%. Dr.Azul and his team was/is nice and understanding. Even after the surgery I’ve called multiple times and gotten the same treat every time. It’s amazing just after 3 weeks of surgery my results are already life changing 😀.


Rae Stevenson

5 Star RatingOMG I am do pleased with my results. Dr. Jaffer is an artist! When I look at myself and think how I looked before my surgery I am so pleased with the results of my tummy tuck. He has changed my life drastically. He is a perfectionist and I highly recommend Dr. Jaffer for anyone considering a tummy tuck. When I only wanted a mini tummy tuck he said he would do it, However, he took the time to show me and explain to me that I more than likely would not be happy with the results. He actually drew me a picture of how my stomach would if I only did the bottom part of my stomach. I realized I made the right decision with doing the full tummy tuck. I am excited about the new body I have and my new me, I recommend who ever is reading this to go for it and to go to Dr. Jaffer for the tummy tuck surgery, as he is the best and he modified my body like an artist would modify clay.


Christina Hernandez

5 Star RatingVery happy with Dr. Jaffer and his staff. From the moment I called Azul Plastic Surgery I knew that this was the right place for me. The staff is very helpful and always smiling. Dr. Jaffer makes you feel very comfortable and is realistic about the procedure that is going to be done.Scheduling is very flexible as well. I had a breast augmentation 2 weeks ago and I am already very pleased with my results. I would recommend Dr. Jaffer if you are looking for a great plastic surgeon.


A. Martinez

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is truly a consummate professional. He and his staff were very attentive to my needs and made the entire process bearable. I will definitely be revisiting his office again for another procedure. He is a very serious doctor who is extremely knowledgeable in his field. After a very diligent search, I finally found a doctor who gave me the confidence to finally go forward with my procedure. Wish I had found him sooner. Thank you Dr. Jaffer!!!


Sam vasdsariya

5 Star RatingDr. Azul is a amazing surgeon and artist. You can trust him with any procedure you are considering. Highly recommended! He is not only a master of art but his a caring gentlemen with a very warm personality. Your cares and concerns of worries, before and after surgery will slowly disappear into positive thoughts, when you realize your body is being taking care of by one of the best Plastic Surgeons on earth. Also, he gives you his personal cell phone number for any concerns you may have. When you call, he answers, when you text, he immediately replies. I flew in from Australia because he had done such an amazing job with my mom’s facelift. He goes over and beyond to accomodate his patients. When he says he is available 24/7, he trully is. Last but not least, Dr. Azul’s office staff is very professional, the environment is warm, and relaxing. I’ve dreamed of having services for a long time, never thought it would come true. I feel confident, young, rested, and attractive once again. And now thanks to Dr. Azul it is now a reality. I would highly recommend his talented and artistic plastic surgical skills to anyone who is seeking beautiful and natural results.


Allyn Chizer

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is AWESOME. If you’re looking for a Doctor that get the job done right then Dr. Jaffer is the man to see. Thanks Dr. Jaffer


Dyan Herrera

5 Star RatingI wanna say Thanks to Dr. Azul Jaffer and the staff for being such an amazing people. I am so pleased and happy with the results. From the beginning of the procedure till the end, they were so helpful and just very wonderful people. I would highly recommend this place.


Lisa Walling

5 Star RatingAbsolutely LOVE Dr Jaffer and his staff! From the moment I walked in I knew it was going to be a wonderful experience. I had my consultation for a breast reduction done towards the end of April and in less than two weeks I had an approval back from the insurance company. My preop was scheduled for the following Monday and my surgery was the next Tuesday! Mrs Judy and Dr Jaffer could tell I really wanted to have this done as soon as possible and they made that happen! Surgery went smoothly and today was my one week post op! No pain what so ever! I was so worried about my husbands approval of the after product but he said they already look amazing. I’m blessed to have found Doctor Jaffer!!


Manzur H

5 Star RatingDr Jaffer is a top plastic surgeon. I visited several before choosing Dr. Jaffer. He takes his time and explains things. Doesn’t rush to hasty decisions. I recommend him highly.


Karina Martinez

5 Star RatingI absolutely love Dr. Jaffer, he is soooooo amazing !!! At first I was really shy because I wasn’t comfortable in any kind of way with my stomach , I had a tummy tuck done & i can honestly say I look so beautiful just like before I had my baby, honestly even better! The amount of compliments & attention I receive on the daily is just crazy , I didn’t do the tummy tuck for that reason , more because I wanted to be happy with what I was looking back at in the mirror , and now i just stare at me all day!! Sounds kind of concieded but I’m really happy for this new stage in my life turning 21 this year July and I’m so ready to get out there and have some fun in the sun take a vacation with my little man! He’s turning 2 in November by the way , anyways back to the MAIN I’m so glad I met this man he is most definitely the BEST I love him so much!! I wish I could express that to him every time I see him but I don’t want him to think I’m weird 😂😂 anyways I LOVE YOU DR JAFFER YOUR # 1 !! 😩😩 I will never forget you , I’m always going to have u with me in my heart you changed my life so drastically in such a short time.. I could go on and on about all the things YOU did for me made possible for me!! 😻💪🏻👙👠💋👑✨🏆💎


Barbara Jones

5 Star RatingI love dr jafer I got my arms done on may 9th the before and after results are a miracle I can wear sexy clothes again and he really cares about you and what’s best for u I live in Wharton gonna show them off


Veronica Victoria

5 Star RatingI am 200% satisfied with my procedure. Dr. Jaffer is amazing. He explained everything before and after the surgery, and answered all my questions during recovery. I am 2 weeks in…I had the abnominoplasty procedure. The swelling isn’t completely gone, but I can already tell the results are going to be fantastic. I feel great and I look GREAT! Thank you Dr. Jaffer!! and Judy, for the support.


Courtney Jackson

5 Star RatingFirst and foremost Dr. Jaffer’s main priority is the wellbeing of his patients. His dedication and commitment is unwavering. After my surgery I had a setback that required a little more attention than normal. Dr. Jaffer was there with me every week to ensure I healed properly. He took such good care of me. My experience with Dr. Jaffer and his staff has been nothing less than amazing! I would highly recommend him to everyone.


Katie Stiefer

5 Star RatingUpdate: 1 1/2 years later from my previous story of my broken nose that doctor Jaffer’s fixed so amazingly. I went in for a breast augmentation. Again it was an amazing experience. He helped me pick the perfect size breast for my body type. They look amazing and i couldn’t be happier with my new and improved body!!! His staff is also amazing they all are very caring and professional.They know you by name and to me that means a lot. I encourage you to make an appointment I promise you will love the experience!!!!

I love Dr Jaffer and his staff. I went in with 2 broken bones in my nose and a broken septum. i was referred to Dr Jaffer from the Er doctor. I was scared not only of the whole surgery thing but how my nose was going to look afterwards. I hated my nose since I was little. I had a large nose. So i asked him if he could do a rhinoplasty while he fixed the broken bones and septum. I had pictures and everything of how I wanted to look. Since i went in with a broken nose he never seen what my nose looked like before it was broken. He is an amazing person and Dr. He made me look amazing and gave me so much confidence back. I will defiantly be back for a breast augmentation. The Office staff i cant say enough about them they are amazing and I love them so much. They were just as involved as Dr. Jaffers they knew me by name the second time i walked in. I was not just a paying patient I was a person. I have already told girls i work with that Azul Plastic Surgery is the place to go. If you want to see a Plastic Surgeon for anything and not sure who to go to please call his office and you will fall in love with him and his amazing staff.



5 Star RatingI am amazed at my new results of my Tummy Tuck. Dr. Jaffer is the best I can see my lower part of my body now and my feet. now this is 4 weeks in looking good thanks Dr. Jaffer and your staff.


Nisha S

5 Star RatingMy experience has been wonderful. Dr. Jaffer clearly explained my procedure, he gave me the pros and cons and allowed me to make an informed decision about my breast reduction and lift procedure. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful. I felt very comfortable throughout the entire process.I have recommended him to a coworker for her procedure. I am very excited about my results and improved quality of life.


Nancy Ramirez

5 Star RatingI am very pleased with my breast lift results. Dr. Jaffer is an artist. I feel more confident then ever and I am so happy with my results. The office is great and I am beyond please with how informative and friendly his staff is. He has wonderful bedside manners and paid attention to all my concerns before and after surgery. Thank you Dr. Jaffer!!


Shakeia Hebert

5 Star RatingI am so happy with my experience from Dr. Jaffer’s office. I still am in shock that I look so good now. I had diastasis recti of my abdomen which made me look 3 months pregnant. Over the years unknowingly I conditioned my mind on what to wear and what not to wear because I didn’t want to be asked was I pregnant. When I look at myself now it doesn’t seem real. I love how they have helped me with the new me.


Anngelia Cruz

5 Star RatingI had my skin removal/tummy tuck done June 23, 2015. I’m very HAPPY with the out come. I did have some complication however Dr. Jaffer was wonderful with the recovery. His bed side manner is very professional. He is will to help anyway he possible can. I would recommend him to any of my friends, co-workers and even family. His staff is awesome. I give Azul Plastic Surgery an A++. If you have someone that can take care of you, I recommend you to do so for at least the first three weeks after your surgery. I learned the hard way.


Alex/Jeremy Garcia

5 Star RatingMy entire experience with Dr. Jaffer AND his staff has been above and beyond my expectations. His exceptional reviews are what drew me to his practice to begin with, and I was not disappointed. I would never dream of taking a different route for my breast reduction. I had been waiting 10+ years to get this procedure, so it is a huge relief to have had such an amazing doctor with such a fantastic team behind him. If you’re still searching for a doctor for your procedure, look no further. Dr. Jaffer will deliver results you can only dream of.
Thanks again Dr. Jaffer & staff!



5 Star RatingI am very happy with the experience from my surgery. Everyone apart of his team is very helpful and making you feel less anxious about your procedure. Dr. Jaffer takes his time, he’s a perfectionist and you hardly feel any pain post-operatively. My second follow up visit is today, I’m feeling amazing.


Nicole Vandegrift

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer and his staff is amazing. Also the hospital experience was great I was very anxious and I had no reason to be. 5 days later i just left my post op and got unwrapped and I now have a gorgeous breast augmentation. I’m 30 after 2 kids that I breast fed. The results after 5 days I can’t believe. NO bruising, cleavage I look like I could wear a bathing suit today!!! I just moved here from Boston due to my husbands Job and one thing I knew I wanted when we got here was this surgery. I looked him up while living in Boston and knew I was going to come see him. He was the only doctor I saw. I felt at ease and the main reason I chose him was because he was and is an artist.,you need an artist for this type of thing, also a perfectionist. He evened me out and again at 5 days they look fab. Lastly I explained what I wanted said a couple of sizes I liked and left it up to him because he’s the artist!!! 100% (also that he went to school in Boston I knew was a great thing 😉)


Janice G

5 Star RatingI Love the results of my tummy tuck! Dr. Jaffer is an EXCELLENT doctor. He explained the procedure to me and told me what I could expect and his staff is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Dr. Azual Jaffer for any of your plastic surgery needs!



5 Star RatingI am very pleased with the outcome of my tummy tuck. My surgery, recovery, and post-op care have been all I hoped for and more. This procedure and Dr. Jaffer as my surgeon were a perfect choice for me.


Araceli Bolanos

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer did a breast reduction/lift and im very happy with results, now my breast look nice and my back pain has disappeared, thank you dr. Jaffer.


Tasha Bivins

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is AMAZING!!!! “THE BEST PLASTIC SURGEON in HOUSTON!!!!”

I live in Dallas, I was referred to Dr. Jaffer by a friend of mine, who underwent, Bilateral, Secondary, Breast Augmentation Revision, and her RESULTS were AMAZING!! I was in desperate need of the same procedure. I called Dr. Jaffer’s office and spoke with Stephanie, and by the way, she is so awesome!! I made an appointment and drove in from Dallas to see Dr. Jaffer. When I arrived, Stephanie, Dr. Jaffer, Brandi, (Dr. Jaffer’s Asst.), and Jessica (Dr. Jaffer’s Receptionist) greeted me with love and open arms. That was so nice of them, and from that moment on, I knew, I was in good hands.


Joani Salazar

5 Star RatingDr. Jeffer and his office staff were amazing. During my recent scare with melanoma I could not have asked for a more qualified or compassionate Doctor. Dr. Jeffer took control and immediately took care of things. I am now cancer free and I have a friend for life!


Krystle Barrington

5 Star RatingI love Dr. Jaffer. I was referred to him by a friend and I’m so glad I took her up on her recommendation. I didn’t feel like just another patient. Dr. Jaffer listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions. The staff was always nice as well. I am absolutely 100 percent happy with the results of my surgery. He has changed my life and for that I am absolutely grateful.


Rosie Chavez

5 Star RatingI was recommended to Dr.Jaffer by someone else another patient. It was the best decision I ever made. His staff are super, they did everything possible to make sure I had all my questions answered and where there when ever I needed them. I love my results , can’t wait to go back and have more work done.


Tracy Brandon

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is a talented artist! He has taken plastic surgery to a higher level and created a new artform. I am amazed with the results of my Tummy Tuck, and truly couldn’t be happier! I’m currently only 6 weeks post op, already have minimal scarring, zero pain, and feel like a million dollars.

During my initial consultation, we decided together the best course of action for the results I wanted to achieve. He has given me a tummy and waist that I didn’t even know was possible. He greatly exceeded my expectations! In addition, Dr. Jaffer, has an incredible bedside manner, is very kind, and extremely patient, even with people like me who ask a million questions.

I can’t recommend him enough. In fact, I like him so much, and am so happy with my results, I’m looking forward to my next procedure.


Pating hangin

5 Star RatingHighly recommended and trustworthy cosmetic surgeon – Dr. Azul Jaffer. Thank you so much!


Dee Grant

5 Star RatingI’m very happy with the results of my breast reduction surgery. Dr. Jaffer listened to my concerns and he did an amazing job. The staff was always nice and professional, and was able to work with my insurance company to pay for most of the procedure. I highly recommend Azul Plastic Surgery.


Mauricio Alvarado

5 Star RatingI’m really happy with my results ,he’s an amazing surgeon and the staff was really nice …I would really recommend him to anyone of my friends 😊


stephanie hogan

5 Star RatingI don’t know where to begin. Dr Jaffer makes you feel like you’re his only patient with his individualized attention. Dr Jaffer is very professional with excellent beside manner. The office staff delivers exceptional service. They go above and beyond to make you smile/ take care of you.

I had a panniculectomy with liposuction/tummy tuck on 12. 10. 2015. When I woke up from surgery, and was allowed to stand. It brought tears to my eyes to be able to stand and see my feet. I know Dr Jaffer removed at least 15 pounds of skin from my abdominal area. It has been a month since my procedure. I have completely healed, incision looks wonderful. Dr Jaffer is an artist. He listened and deliveres exceptional results. I am so pleased with my results!!!! I feel younger, sexier, more vibriant, and I love shopping again. With my total transformation I’ve gone from a size 22 womens to a size 12 misses. I don’t miss a sale.

I love going out now whether if it is just to the grocery store , meeting at my kids school beauty salon, or just walking my dogs. People who have previously known me , have stopped and asked what have I changed. They often comment that I look happier, that I have a glow,or that I look slimmer.

One incident in particular that I can remember occurred about 2 weeks ago. I was grocery shopping at my local community store. There’s a gentlemen that works at the store, his name is Chris. Chris asked me could he ask me a question, I responded of course. Chris asked, “What have you done to yourself. You’re looking younger, slimmer, more radiant. I’ve been watching your transition.” Of course that made my day!!!!
I have always been an overweight child, teenage, and young adult. In March 2015, I woke up and got on the scale, I weighed 301 lbs. I talked to my inner self and said I have to change something. I want to live longer, I want to be here for my kids and future grandkids. I began my weight loss journey. I lost 100 lbs weight with sacrifice, presitance and prayer. Dr Jaffer is my angel , he is wonderfully talented and he has awesome sculpting capabilities. Dr Jaffer is transforming me to have the body that I have always dreamed of !!!! I am loving life and couldn’t be happier!!!!

Thanks Dr Azul Jaffer, keep being you and putting smiles on people faces!!!!


Mauricio Alvarado

5 Star RatingI can’t say enough great things about Dr. Jaffer and his entire staff! He is an excellent surgeon and I cant imagine ever going to anyone else for anything cosmetic or reconstructive surgery-related. He was referred to me in 2012 by another surgeon when I needed to have my foot/leg amputated due to injuries sustained from a car accident and he did an amazing job. It’s not easy to trust a doctor you have never met for such an intense and life changing operation, but he truly made the whole ordeal a far better experience than I could have ever imagined. He did such an incredible job that I healed in record time and was actually able to get a prosthesis a lot faster than most people, and I have also had the fewest of problems that amputees usually have post-op, and that’s a HUGE deal for me to be able to brag about my surgeon to other amputees that I am in groups with who have not had near the success I have had. Dr. Jaffer was the obvious choice for my next 2 surgeries and I am now close to 6 weeks post-op for abdominal surgery to make my midsection look flat, remove old scar tissue and adhesions from a previous surgery, completely reshape my belly button and upper abdomen, and remove all the excess skin I had from drastic weight loss. I have never been happier! I also ended up having a hernia that needed to be repaired when he did the surgery and after all that he did, I still came out with ZERO bruising and minimal swelling and pain. Not ONE bruise (I have pics to prove it!). My stomach is flat and looks amazing! The scarring is minimal and is looking better every day. It also makes a huge impression that every time I go in to his office, or call, that his staff knows me by name and is always professional, yet super friendly and helpful and make sure I am always taken care of. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jaffer to anyone looking for any type of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Thanks Again to Dr. Jaffer and his amazing staff!!!!! -Tanya

Valerie Demus

Valerie Demus

5 Star RatingI am blown away with the work of Dr. Azul’s hands. I look amazing. I wish I had done it sooner.


sandra alquicira

5 Star RatingAmazing Surgeon very caring and humble. Talks in a way I can fully understand, he addresses every concern and made me feel like family. He is always there when I have any questions or concerns. If you want a caring doctor who truly cares Dr. Jaffer is the person to see.


Millie Meyzen

5 Star RatingDr Jaffers and his staff are amazing!! He did an amazing job with my breast reduction, I definitely feel more confident and I don’t have all the pain that came with the bigger breast. I recommend his office to everyone that I talk to that has any interest in a procedure. I am very happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Jaffer!!


Jana Borreson

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is an outstanding doctor that is concerned with your feelings and comfort. I came to him lopsided from another surgeon and he took me in and fixed me. I wished I had been with him from the beginning.


Sylvia Gonzales

5 Star RatingI came to see Dr. Jaffer after a for help to look the way I used to before I had my children. He helped get rid of my belly pooch and gave me a tiny little waist.👗 I love my new body and can’t stop staring at myself in mirrors every chance I get.👙


Avon Jackson

5 Star Rating“I researched several surgeons before making any appointments. When I called Dr. Jaffer’s office, everybody was so friendly and so willing to answer any questions I had. Dr. Jaffer was very professional and yet warm. He had a confidence and assurance in his work. He was honest with me and made me feel good about my decision.

The decision to have a tummy tuck and liposuction was the best decisions I have ever made. I look great! If you ask me would I do it all over again, I would say yes, yes, yes!”



5 Star RatingI couldn’t be more satisfied with the results of my breast reduction/lift. His staff is very nice and friendly. I actually recommended me mother for I was recommended by my cousin.


Debrs Thomas

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer and staff is awesome! He’s caring and have the best skills as a surgeon! He performed a tummy tuck on me two weeks ago and I’m so pleased thus far! I would highly recommend him and his staff to all of Houston and surrounding areas. He’s the BEST!


Karen Lopez

5 Star RatingI could not be happier with the choice I made to have my plastic surgery needs taken care of by Dr. Jaffer. I researched plastic surgeons and visited several of them, before making my final choice. Dr. Jaffer is amazing at what he does. His staff is as amazing and courteous. This is my second reduction and I will say this one tops the first one. I am so happy… Thank you Dr. Jaffer, Clarissa, Brandi, Jessica and the rest for being such a great group of people.


Aida Hernandez

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is did an amazing job with my tummy tuck! He always answered all my questions and concerns. His staff are very nice and have always taken care of all my needs at the office. I am very happy with my results and all his work.


Raul Padilla

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer explains everything to you in terms that the average person may understand. He genuinely cares about his patients and is very passionate of his work. Office is very clean, staff is very friendly and always seem happy to be at work. Dr. Jaffer does his best to provide the desired result, while keeping thing realistic. Not only does he think about the result after surgery, he also does what best for a amazing long term result. Once you first meet Dr. Jaffer you will see why his is admired by many of his patients, not only is he an amazing surgeon, but him and his staff go the extra step to make you feel like family.


Kay S

5 Star RatingMy body is a work of art and Dr. Jaffer is my painter, I am very pleased with his enhancement made to my body and shape!

I had an abdominoplasty surgery on Sept 1. The hospital raved at how great he and his staff are as well as how much of a perfectionist he is. This is very true and such a great asset to have on your side. Not only is Dr. Jaffer awesome his staff is as well! I felt so comfortable and taken care of by everyone. The surgery results are important to me but I felt they were more important to him as he takes pride in his work and this is a very valuable and rare asset that his practice has. I have recommended him to friends and family and will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Jaffer and your staff!


TaNitra Robinson

5 Star RatingOn July 2, 2015 I had the pleasure of getting a breast reduction and lift under the leadership of Dr. Azul Jaffer. It was blessing to have been under the leadership of someone that absolutely loves their passion. More importantly the staff at OakBend Medical center displayed and verbalized a high profound respect for Dr. Jaffer. I knew then I was in gifted hands. I am enjoying the results and wouldn’t trade my experience through him for the world!


Vanessa Smith

5 Star RatingDr. Azul is fantastic, his bedside manor is the best and he made sure I was ok. When I called he returned the call personally. I was so nervous to get my drainage tube removed but when he removed them it was painless. #1 in my book.


Cari Johnson

5 Star RatingCould not ask for a better doctor than Dr. Jaffer. He’s kind, patient and makes you very comfortable! Thanks Dr. Jaffer! And his staff is an amazing group of ladies!


Digna Guzman

5 Star RatingI had a wonderful experience with Dr jaffer, I was recommended by one of my friends who was very satisfied with her procedure. Now I know why she was so happy, Dr jaffer is a wonderful Dr and makes patients feels confidence and one of the things that I love was the care that every single person that works with him give me everyone was so nice and willing to answer my question I had a person who was contacting me almost every day checking on me to see how I was doing that makes a big difference on my recovery make me feel secure thank you Dr jaffer for all the good care that you provide to me I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends.





Stanton Kuehler

5 Star RatingI was referred to Dr. Jaffer from a friend who also used Azul Plastic Surgery, and Dr. Jaffer certainly lived up to the hype. He was extremely helpful in helping me choose the best procedure that was personalized to me. I am tremendously pleased with his professionalism and the work he performed. He was able to remove a large mole from my forehead by doing a skin graft, leaving virtually no scar before even starting any scar cream. I would highly recommend Dr. Jaffer and Azul Plastic Surgery for any plastic surgery needs.


Joyce Douglas

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer did an outstanding job with my breast reduction/lift! At a 34G, I have been putting this procedure off for years in fear of going through surgery. Today, nearly 4 weeks post surgery I am amazed at how unexpectedly easy and painless this whole process has been. I don’t know how Dr Jaffer does it but I can honestly say I have felt no pain from the time I woke up from surgery to present, I had no bruising, and my incision scars are healing beautifully. I am very happy with my new perky D’s and already enjoying the all the summer tops I had never been able to wear in the past! Big thanks to Dr. Jaffer…and the man up above of course! 😉


Mable Julien

5 Star RatingOmg!!! Where do I begin? The staff is awesome and Dr. Jaffer is so real and straight to the point. My breast looks awesome because I was a 38DD and now a 38C. My surgery was April 21, 2015 and I am still recovering but my little puppies look so great. Now I can go topless and feel comfortable. Dr Jaffer made sure I was aware of any delays with healing and made me feel welcome under his care. I totally love Clarissa and Nancy and I know when I show up at the office its all love . If I had to do this again I would totally picked Dr Jaffer again with NO questions asked. I look forward to my final nip tuck and I will definitely upload photos soon as I can wear a sexxy bra . Lol . Thanks for everything Azul Plastic Surgery.


Laura Vallejo

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is awesome! ! A Very good doctor! due to a car accident I had a ruptured breast implant. Dr jaffer has done two breast surgeries and have had a very good and painless recovery. Dr. Jaffer did an outstanding job with my breast. I need a third surgery in the next month or so, and I trust him to do a good job. If you are looking to have any type of breast surgery done, you will be in great hands with Dr. Jaffer. Thank you for the great care.


anishia williams

5 Star RatingMy first consultation with Dr. Jaffer was not what I was expecting. He told me that I would need to loose about 20-30 pounds before having abdominoplasty surgery. I was dissappointed as I didn’t understand why! But I am so happy that he took time to discuss my advantages of getting the most out of my surgery and ensured I’d be happy with my results. I can’t begin to tell you how flat my tummy is now compared to when I first visited Dr. Jaffer’s office over a year ago. My scars healed better than I ever imagined. He truly cares about his patients and you don’t find that too often in the plastic surgery field. I am 2 months post-op and everyone that I come into contact with are amazed at what an awesome job he has done. I have referred all my family and friends to him, he is the best and I couldn’t have chosen a better doctor.


Cathy Manuel

5 Star RatingI recently had a TUMMY TUCK PERFORMED BY DR. Azul JAFFER. I am so please with my results, and it has only been 60 days. I can say my tummy is flat and looks like it did when I was in my 20’s. I was not excessively over weight; but my pants were not fitting around my waist, and I had this constant pooch. I would recommend Dr. Azul Jaffer to anyone. Not only is he a skilled sugeon, he is kind with great bedside manners. I also had my drooping eyelid skin removed. I am trying to write this in terms that interested parties would understand: another words, I looked tired. This is the BEST THING I have ever done for myself. I love the look of my eyes. It took 10 years off of me.

If you are scared to try surgery, just think about how you would feel IF you looked 10 years younger, then I bet your fear will go away. It is worth it. Best of luck to you!

Nikki J

Nikki J

5 Star RatingI absolutely love Dr. Jaffer. I was allergic to tape and didn’t know it prior to surgery. After my wrap was removed, we noticed that I had an adverse reaction to the tape and my skin was severely burned. During my second follow-up and removal of the tubes, Dr. Jaffer noticed that my sore/burned skin wasn’t properly healing. He immediately took me back in for a life saving second surgery. He and his wonderful staff taught my mother how to “pack my hole” with medicine and gauze, but she couldn’t stomach it; so Nancy did it in the office for me a couple of times, until I learned how to do it by myself. He saw me in his office every week to monitor my progress and did not charge me out of pocket one time. He and his staff stayed late for me every week until I could get off work and make it to his office for my follow-up appointments. It has been 5 months since my first surgery and 4 months since my second one and I am extremely satisfied and more than pleased with my results.


Bria Monroe

5 Star RatingI reached out to Dr. Jaffer’s office in March of 2015 at the beginning of my journey to locate the perfect certified plastic surgeon for my breast augmentation. Due to work obligations, I was only available to meet with him on certain days of the week, but Dr. Jaffer was very flexible and made room in his very busy schedule to allow me to have a consultation on a date that was accommodating with my work availability. From the very beginning, Dr. Jaffer and his staff have been very warm and welcome. Any questions that I had leading up to the surgery and especially after the surgery were all answered with such grace and patience! Specifically, I was given access to connect with his Physician’s Assistant any time I had a question or concern and that made me feel very secure as I was preparing and recovering from my operation.

Also, I have a pre-existing medical condition that caused additional concern as I did not know how/if my body would adjust to the medical procedure favorably. In the weeks leading up to my surgery, Dr. Jaffer spent time connecting with my primary care physicians on conference calls in which the procedure was discussed and my medical labs/charts were reviewed. He takes the time to thoroughly include the necessary parties at the beginning of the process to make sure that the desired surgery would not derail my health in any form or fashion. This is truly a valued characteristic to have in a surgeon, so if you appreciate someone that takes the time to ensure your best interest is met, look no further than Dr. Jaffer!

As it relates to the breast augmentation, I must say that I am more than pleased with the results! My operation was at the end of April 2015, and I had my four-week post-surgery visit this afternoon with Dr. Jaffer. At first I was very apprehensive about how my body would feel post-surgery and I really was quite nervous about my ability to heal/return to normal activities. Surprisingly, I was up and moving around that same day without too much of a struggle. The surgical procedures and anesthesia that Dr. Jaffer and his surgical team used during my surgery were amazing as I have not experience any discomfort or pain at all in the four weeks that I have had my implants. Initially, Dr. Jaffer and I discussed a 350 CC with the understanding that if he felt I needed to have a larger/smaller implant to achieve the natural look I desired, that he would make that executive decision while in surgery. With that being said, he ultimately fitted me with 340 CC implants, and I LOVE them! They were the perfect decision, and I really love the way they look in my clothes. Now I am able to fill out my tops in a more feminine fashion. If you adhere to the suggestions for vitamins, an increased protein intake, as well as specific massaging techniques post-surgery, then you will have an amazing success story as I did! If I had to do this operation all over again I would not hesitate and for sure would 10 times out of 10 choose Dr. Jaffer and his wonderful surgical team to assist in my desired transformation! Thank you for doing such a great job and I appreciate all of the continued support and care 🙂


Omar Najeed

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer was fantastic! He helped me improve my breathing due to a deviated septum and gave me very realistic expectations. He and his staff all seem to truly care about my wellbeing and were professional throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Meagan Copelin

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is AWESOME. After researching over 20 Plastic Surgeons, I came across Dr. Jaffer’s website and decided to give him a call for a breast reduction consultation. I was nervous going into the appointment because I didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Jaffer and his staff are awesome and made me feel welcome and part of their team. He walked me through every process of the surgery and after my first consultation, I was ready to set my surgery date. Dr. Jaffer is very professional and extremely informative. My surgery in April 2015 was a great success and I am happy with my AMAZING results. I cried because it is perfection at its best. If you are looking for an amazing doctor and staff, please contact Dr. Jaffer. He is the best. I am happy with him and my results and will be back in a few months for another procedure and this is all because he loves his job and I can really tell he has a passion for helping his patients be the best.


Shara Orta

5 Star RatingI am in my 2 week post op and had my 2 week appointment yesterday. I am healing wonderfully, which means Jaffer did everything as expected and MORE from a plastic surgeon. I have a hilarious experience with him as well as his staff. It is a very comfortable atmosphere and have never waited a significant amount of time to be seen. I plan for my recovery to be a very easy one form this point on and I have Jaffers expertise to thank for that. If you are looking to have any type of plastic surgery done I promise you will be in great hands with Azul Plastic Surgery.


Toi Toi

5 Star RatingPerfect customer service and Dr. Jaffer really cares about his patients tremendously I’m very
Happy and appreciative of his service I recommend any one to go and see for your self his service is awesome you want be let down!


James Y

5 Star RatingI was referred to Dr Jaffer by an urgent care facility to follow up on a dog bite (my fault, not the dog’s) to treat for possible infection. Dr Jaffer’s office was able to see me within an hour of calling. There was a minimal wait and timing couldn’t have been better as I was running a fever and not feeling well at all by then. So infection had set in. Dr Jaffer and his assistant went right to work and addressed the infection. I was in great shape the next day other than having to wear a bandage. Dr Jaffer was exactly the right guy for taking care of this. Everyone at the Azul Plastic Surgery was professional, friendly and most helpful. Thank you for the great care.


Janette Estrada

5 Star RatingPerfection! Dr. Jaffer is very professional and has a wonderful beside manner. Dr. Jaffer listens to you and answers all your questions and concerns that you may have. He does not pressure you into doing anything you are not comfortable with or unsure of. Explains everything clearly. His staff is awesome. They too are very professional and friendly. They really accommodate with their hours even after a long day. They handled all my insurance claims and questions aswell. Needless to say I am VERY pleased with my surgery (breast reduction). Since my surgery in December of 2014, I haven’t complained of a back ache at all. No pain during recovery or since. Extremely happy with my results as well. Little scaring but they are fading as time goes by. Thank you so very much Dr. Jaffer. I am one happy woman. I have since referred several ladies to your office. I know they will be in good hands. Thank you!


lisa donahue

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer did a very good job with my surgery, made me feel very comfortable, I would recommend him to anybody.


Linsey McCoun

5 Star RatingMy experience could not have been more positive. Not only was my surgery seamless, but he spent extra time before, during, and after to ensure the best results. I can’t speak highly enough about his skill and care, and I say the same for his office staff. They are kind, caring, patient, and will answer any question you have at any time. They call to check on you regularly and give you a sincerely personal touch both in and outside of the office. I could go on and on. This practice is unlike any other. 5 stars is an understatement.


Kimberly Hunter

5 Star Rating2 weeks post op…I love my results!


Esme V

5 Star RatingUnbelievable!
Dr Azul is so Professional, gentle and amazing. My experience is beyond words, with his work my health has improve to 90% instantly and the results exceeded my expectations. Thank you Thank you!


Tan P

5 Star RatingI had a great experience with his office from the first time I booked my consultation, to my post op appointments. My procedure went very well and I would recommend Dr. Jaffer to family and friends.


Adrienne Donnell

5 Star RatingI had a breast reduction done by Dr. Jaffer in August and the results greatly exceeded my expectations!!!! He did an incredible job and I am healing beautifully!!! I have so much more confidence in my clothes now! Dr. Jaffer is a very cool, calm, and collected doctor who genuinely cares about his patients. And might I add VERY well dressed!!! Lol All in all I couldn’t have chosen a better doctor to perform such a serious surgery on myself. Look no further than DR. JAFFER! He is a true professional.


Sarah F-L

5 Star RatingDr. Azul Jaffer performed a bilateral partial mastectomy two months ago. The results are phenomenal!!! Dr. Jaffer’s skilled precision and experience are an exceptional combination for success. The results truly far exceeded my expectations; I was pleasantly surprised and very satisfied with the brilliant outcome of the surgery. His team of practiced office management staff provided personal attention and care from inception to completion of this process, including successfully meeting all provisions for insurance requirements – yes, NO personal expenses for this procedure. The follow up visits, delightful bedside manners, and continuous care of both Dr. Jaffer and his lovely office management team remain beyond reproach… Nancy, is an absolute gem! The response time to any inquiries during my recovery was immediate and 24 hours. I sincerely trust Dr. Jaffer whole heartedly! I think it is so important to know that Dr. Jaffer is Double Board Certified for General and Plastic surgery and is an expert in reconstructive surgery. His field of expertise truly reaches into all aspects of surgical health matters.


LadyRider Divatized

5 Star RatingI could not have asked for a better doctor than Dr. Jaffer! I went in to have scar tissue removed and some minor cosmetics. Due to another incident, I again needed Dr. Jaffer. He is the BEST! If I knew of anyone needing cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, I would recommend him hands down. From the office staff to the operating room, you cannot get better service. The absolute best doctor in my book!


Antoinette dupuy

5 Star RatingMy experience with Dr. Jaffer and his staff was AmaZing……I never realized until I was awakened from surgery and told to sit up that the Back and Neck pain that I have come to live with daily for far too many years to remember was caused from having oversized breasts. My quality of life has significantly changed to Amazing and I realize how is it not to live with the pain that I had just accepted. To be able to now my actual body size is not overshadowed by my Oversized Breasts. The care that has been given to me throughout this entire process has been such a positive experience. Dr. Jaffer has the most pleasant bedside manner and knows his business. He has been so reassuring to me throughout this entire process, because I had my personal apprehension about surgery…Overall…Thank You to you and Your Wonderful Staff…


kevin eissa

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer is a wonderful Doctor. I had many insecurities and had a detailed surgery. My insecurities vanished. I’m so happy with the results. It changed my life.
Dr. Jaffer is kind and very understanding. I highly recommend him.
A completely satisfied patient.


A Google User

5 Star RatingDr. Azul is great! He genuinely cares about his patients and has truly made me look my best. He takes time to explain to his patients how the procedure works and its effectiveness. I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon who is caring, responsible and safe to consult Dr. Azul. I am very thankful for his help!


A Google User

5 Star RatingDr. Jaffer has such a great approach to his patients. He really listened to my concerns and explained how he could help me in terms that I could easily understand. He made sure I was completely comfortable with my decision to have the procedures that I decided upon. Afterwards, I was elated with my results. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr. Jaffer is the best!


A Google User

5 Star RatingDr Jaffer is an excellent surgeon. Takes his time and explains things. Doesn’t rush to hasty decisions. Highly recommend.


Patrick Myers

5 Star Rating


michael ingro

5 Star Rating

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